Monday, October 6, 2014

The “others” are not bothers but brothers; brothers and sisters in this strange and beauteous existence.

Sometimes, life is unable to tell us why we feel as we missed some indeterminated thing. This misterious thing that we miss may be a reality that society has always stealing us.
A swift ride may not be enough to understand the issue. We need a slow walk to contemplate the instant that we are living.
We are often sucked by the black pipe of the productivity. The world convinces us to feel as we were bees chasing a happiness that we always seek in the future; in a future hive of honey.
The modern world's priests of fashion and power with the dazzle of their clothes, and their cars, and their rings, and their snobs shapes... seem to grant us the privilege of imitating them. They assure us that our existence have only value if we live like them, if we seem to them.
The secret of the power over the men and women of the world hides in the fear and in the lie. Therefor, those who aren't afraid become free, and those who don't believe all the mermaid's songs, become free too.
The greatest deeds aren't the wars but the smiles, aren't the far and dangerous travels but the wisdom of walking slowly by a street of your town, discovering the hidden beauty of the daily shapes. The greatest deeds are the capacity to be free, to go beyond the edges of the social canons, keeping the strong will of loving people because we feel that they are those who we may had been if we had existed in their circumstances. The “others” are not bothers but brothers; brothers and sisters in this strange and beauteous existence.
Sometimes, our mind ascribes false skills to the “others”. Another times, it ascribes them false defects... because our mind is a product of the species evolution, that fights to survive, transforming the reality into a different story, a story that reinforces our ego, our self-esteem.
We need to be happy to be able to answer our own mind, to tell our mind that the “others” are only those who we would have been if we had existed in the body and the circumstances of the “others”.
We must grant them the gift of being loved by us. No one should bypasses the empathy, the compassion, the true and deep love towards all the people.
Our inmost mind knows that the “others” are like each of us.
The life looks curiously at us when we watch it without fear in our eyes. It's easy enough to see the happiness when we leave all the fears. 
It's hardly worth examining and sifting all the causes and explanations of the individual attittudes. We can try to study them in a general way through the brain's science, however we must leave the trend to judge or to condemn or to hate.
The love is the most effective therapy for those who hate. If I hate you, please... love me... because (due to my hate) I need your love more than any other person. Usually, when you offer love, you generate love too.
Meantime, happiness arises like the sun in a bright summer morning near the sea. 

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