Sunday, October 26, 2014

We will not retreat. (A letter to somebody)

You have in front of you the peaceful and strong step of the people who walk forward. We steadily take steps forward by the path of the international legality and the correct completion of the processes. You forbid the sidewalk; and we walk forward by the kerbstone. You forbid the road; and we will walk forward by the mountain path. Whatever it is what you forbid, we will find the door of the freedom, and your clumsy tantrum will not achieve the objectives of contempt. You can not stop a people who knows where it goes. You can not neglect the will of milions of people who know they are a nation. Your clumsy tantrum symbolizes the failure of intolerance. As Winston Churchill said: “The cause of freedom has in it a recuperative power and virtue which can draw from misfortune new hope and new strength”.  We will not retreat. You can come with your prohibitions, with the Constitutional Court invaded by individuals related to your party, with the ethernal no, and no, and no... as the only answer to a milenary country... We will not retreat. You will be able to envy the army, to ban our parliament, to impose your tyranny, to say to Catalonia that it is no a country... We will not retreat. Millions of people who want to speak in the polls never will retreat. Millions of people who love their language, who feel their efforts in their foreheads and in their sweat and in their work... never will retreat. You are not offending the whim of a few citizens; you are attacking the dignity and the soul of a nation. We will not retreat. We are only asking the right to express the will of our country in a democratic way. You are perverting the meaning of democracy when you subject the free expression of a country ( that is aware of going a country) to the absolute refusal to listen to people. You have put the fossilization of the law above the rights of the cultures who make up the Spanish State.

And I'm going to write another sentence of Sir Winston Churchill: “Can peace, goodwill, and confidence be built upon submission to wrong-doing backed by force?” You should ask yourself this question. What sort of Spain are you dreaming? The Spain of silenced peoples? The Spain of legal strings? The Spain of continuing threats when people express their will for their homelands, their hopes for their political future? The Spain of the violences and confrontations? The Spain that humiliates the flags of its countries, the accents of the languages that sound in its lands...? The Spain that fears the richness of its nations?   You are building a future over the rotten foundations of imposition and intolerance.  And you are not Spain, Spain is the people but Spain also are the peoples, the lands, the countries, the nations that integrate the state. You can deny, forbid, prevent, offend, belittle, disregard... the dreams of millions of persons. But We will not retreat... we will find the gate, within the international legality, to achieve peacefully the hopes of our families and our people. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

What is happening in Catalonia.

In 2010, a Spanish sentence cropped and diminished the Catalan Statute. The Catalan Statute had been voted by most of the Catalan people. This statute accepted the evidence that Catalonia was a nation, and also accepted the fact that this nation belonged to Spanish State. Several persons from Spain's hierarchy banned many of the articles of this statute. For instance, they prohibited the word “nation” for Catalonia and they removed other important points that were tied with the Catalonia's dignity and with their identity's signs.
From that moment, Catalonia woke up from a relatively long time of resignation, and started a hard and persistent path to where the freedom and the autodetermination's right is.

We choose to go to the freedom's land, not because it is a land of material richness and economical power, but because it is the land of our soul, of our right of being a nation.
We choose to go to the freedom's land because we want to be a free people, a people living in the state that their citizens have chosen.
We choose to go to the freedom's land because a country don't belong to a biggest state when it is despised and enforced but when it can decide what it wants to be and where it wants to go.

From 2010 till now, Catalonia has lived the biggest popular demonstrations of its history with the 20% of its population claiming in the streets and asking for their right to vote to decide their future as a country. The answer of Spanish Government has always been the same: “ are not a country... you have no sovereignty; the sovereignty belongs to the whole Spanish people... so you are not a country but a fragment of the only country that exists that is Spain”.

The negation of Catalonia as a country, as a nation, as a people... has been the unchanging answer of the Spanish Government to the milions of persons that have been demonstrating and claiming in the streets of Catalonia in a peaceful way. And these people have their own language, their own culture, their own history, their own style...

One year ago, the president of Catalonia convoked a consultation so that Catalonia people could express their opinion about the idea of being an independant state different to Spain, or about the idea of being an state inside Spanish State, or about the possibility of being only a regional authonomy... The votation had to take place on november 9, but the Spanish State impugned the law that allowed this consultation and therefor this democratic process was paralysed.
The President of Catalonia and any person who didn't renounce to the idea of organizing the votation would be disable on their professional careers and in many cases they could be arrested and jailed. After some days of uncertainty, the Catalan Government decided to use the only three points of the consultation's law that the Spanish Government hadn't impugned. The Catalan Government designed a new consultation using the parameters of those non impugned three points, and therefor the next november 9, there will be a votation where people will be able to express their will about the future of their country. 

What does Spanish Government say now? Not much. They mostly remain silent and when they speak they usually despise the votation, saying that it is not really a consultation but a simulacrum. However, the game is not still won... The Spanish Government can still deny the right to vote. But this prohibition would prove its dictatorial style and its lack of democracy.

The fact is that this consultation is not a simulacrum. Catalonia will vote next november 9. Then, after this consultation, the Catalan Government will probably convoke the electoral process to the Catalan Parliament, probably at spring time. In this election, the political parties who advocate the right of Catalonia to choose its future will probably run in an unique electoral list as they were an only political party , and in their electoral program they will write the plot of the next path towards the freedom of Catalonia. 

This is the situation. Finally, the next november 9 there will be a consultation. The Catalan Process has not finished. It has just started. The Spanish prohibitions only will reinforce the will of freedom of Catalan People. Nobody can drown the voice of a people. Nobody can fight against the will of a nation. The rivers always run free in spite the efforts of the dictatorships. There's no exist any unchanging law that be more important than human dignity. And the right to be and to decide of all the cultures are deeply tied with human dignity.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dialogue, democracy, peace, tolerance... This is the road.

 This blog writes what many catalan people feel in their hearts. Probably, many Spanish people, beyond Catalonia, don't understand this feelings. There has been a deep and strong work of distortion in all over Spain for the last centuries. Spanish people, all the honest citizens, have been cheated for decades about the plurinational character of their state. They have been indoctrinated in the idea of a only Spain, of a uniform Spain, of a uniform and only nation. It must be hard to accept that the only nation that schoolmasters taught us for our tender years of childhood is really a big state made of many cultures, many nations, many peoples, fraternal nations, fraternal peoples... that for many years have grown together, sometimes due to the force of the weapons. 
Milions of persons ignore the reality of Spain. The imposition of Castile has despised any other soul, shelving any other language at the corner of unimportant issues. The aversion to the non understood languages has subjected the state to the chauvinist monolingualism. This monolingualism prevents the full understanding of human diversity and puts roadblocks in the path of the cultural empathy and in the coexistence among different peoples. Ignorance rather than an attribute is an attitude. The fear of different cultures is a human decrease, and a seed of violence and hate. 
This blog, besides talking about other issues, tries to express what many catalan people feel about the constant denial of their rights as a people. And this feelings are deeply true and pure.
We wish to express that the will of “being” of a country will never be a reality that be able to harm anyone, because all the peoples have the right to be and to grow in the middle of the lands and countries of the human kind. 
This blog is made by a team of Catalan people that has been living in Catalonia for decades (more than forty years) and they feel in their veins the heartbeat of the people. Those who hate one people are really hating all the peoples in the world. Those who respect and hear the feelings and the will of one people are respecting and hearing the feelings and the wills of all the peoples in the world. Dialogue, democracy, peace, tolerance... are the road... Conversely,  imposing, prohibition, imposed silence, legal shields, violence... are the worst expression of human essence.

Friday, October 10, 2014

-"You can't" -says Spain.

 -“You can't” -says the Spanish authorities to the Catalan People. 
”You can't call yourself “nation”
“You can't write on your laws that Catalonia is a nation”
“You can't convoke any democratic consultation”
“You can't decide the strategies of your education system”
“You can't manage your taxes”
“You can't decide the budgets of your country”
“You can't be a country, only a part of a bigger country.”
“You can't denounce the torturers and the executioners of the last dictatorship”
“You can't have your own national soccer team, nor your own national selection in any sport”.
“You can't propose your language as an official European language in the parliament of European Union.”
“You can't use your language in the courts, in the police station, in the borders..."
“You can't wave the flag of Catalonia in your ships and boats, vessels, frigates...”
“You can't show the signs and the words of your country in your car's registration plate...”
“You can't speak in Catalan when you speak with the Police ot the Civil Guard”
“You can be arrested and mistreated by the police when you wave the flag of your nation in a soccer field, and the authorities will not hear you claim nor help you when you denounce this injustice”
“The aspirations of your country will be judged and always vetoed by a Constitutional Court that is not politically neutral, with members of this court that are related with the political party that rules in Spain”

And finally, if you feel sad, you can't claim, because if you claim, you will be called sniveller... And if you express your wish of changing the political status of your country, you will be called separatist, radical, anti-solidary, conceited... And if you want to vote to decide if your nation remains in Spain or if you nation starts a new path as an independant nation, you will be called antidemocratic and intolerant...

Does any democratic nation think that this lack of freedom is only an inner matter of Spain? 

Monday, October 6, 2014

The “others” are not bothers but brothers; brothers and sisters in this strange and beauteous existence.

Sometimes, life is unable to tell us why we feel as we missed some indeterminated thing. This misterious thing that we miss may be a reality that society has always stealing us.
A swift ride may not be enough to understand the issue. We need a slow walk to contemplate the instant that we are living.
We are often sucked by the black pipe of the productivity. The world convinces us to feel as we were bees chasing a happiness that we always seek in the future; in a future hive of honey.
The modern world's priests of fashion and power with the dazzle of their clothes, and their cars, and their rings, and their snobs shapes... seem to grant us the privilege of imitating them. They assure us that our existence have only value if we live like them, if we seem to them.
The secret of the power over the men and women of the world hides in the fear and in the lie. Therefor, those who aren't afraid become free, and those who don't believe all the mermaid's songs, become free too.
The greatest deeds aren't the wars but the smiles, aren't the far and dangerous travels but the wisdom of walking slowly by a street of your town, discovering the hidden beauty of the daily shapes. The greatest deeds are the capacity to be free, to go beyond the edges of the social canons, keeping the strong will of loving people because we feel that they are those who we may had been if we had existed in their circumstances. The “others” are not bothers but brothers; brothers and sisters in this strange and beauteous existence.
Sometimes, our mind ascribes false skills to the “others”. Another times, it ascribes them false defects... because our mind is a product of the species evolution, that fights to survive, transforming the reality into a different story, a story that reinforces our ego, our self-esteem.
We need to be happy to be able to answer our own mind, to tell our mind that the “others” are only those who we would have been if we had existed in the body and the circumstances of the “others”.
We must grant them the gift of being loved by us. No one should bypasses the empathy, the compassion, the true and deep love towards all the people.
Our inmost mind knows that the “others” are like each of us.
The life looks curiously at us when we watch it without fear in our eyes. It's easy enough to see the happiness when we leave all the fears. 
It's hardly worth examining and sifting all the causes and explanations of the individual attittudes. We can try to study them in a general way through the brain's science, however we must leave the trend to judge or to condemn or to hate.
The love is the most effective therapy for those who hate. If I hate you, please... love me... because (due to my hate) I need your love more than any other person. Usually, when you offer love, you generate love too.
Meantime, happiness arises like the sun in a bright summer morning near the sea. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

The representants of the people of Catalonia decide to continue with the votation that Spanish Government has banned.

"We go ahead, and we do it together" 
Artur Mas, President of Catalonia
 In this moments the representants of the people of Catalonia are proclaiming their will of walking towards the votation that Spain's government has banned.In this moments the representants of the people of Catalonia are proclaiming their will of walking towards the votation that Spain's government has banned.  
Please. Help! We need the words of all the democratic people of the world to convince Spanish government to permit that Catalan people can vote. The banned of Spanish Constitutional Court has no sense because the arguments that this court gave were political arguments and this Court only can proclame juridic arguments. Voting to know the opinion of a people never can be illegal.
This was only a non binding votation to ask people if they wish to start a legal process in Spain to change constitution to allow that every land of Spain could vote to be in the Spanish state.
Please help!
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