Monday, September 1, 2014

Unscrupulous sheepherders.

I don't like many things of the world where I live. 
The utilitarian education creates narcissistic monsters.
Fear manufactures bad persons.
People often is a herd moved by unscrupulous sheepherders; 
every sheep has tied dreams;
the identity of every sheep is sheared;
every sheep is punished for being creative.

I don't like the exemplars of monkeys 
that consider themself superior;
they shepherd the flock to where the livestock industry is
to kill or to enslave the sheeps.
But the herd is made of hearts,
and every heart is a creator,
every heart has an unique capacity to create, to love, to grow up.

Everybody has the right to be a superior aim, 
higher than the drove.
Every consciousness is the main aim of the universe.
People should fight for everybody's freedom,
for the right to be free, for the right to be creator, for the right to be able to love.
Everybody has the right to identity, the right to be oneself.

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