Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reasons why to vote YES for Scotish independence. (The view of a foreigner)

Only Scotland's people can decide their future, and I deeply want what Scotland's people decide, whatever this decission be. The only and real victory will be what people decide. However, despite I am not Scottish, and that I'm Catalan, from my far view,  I would humbly like to express to you, Scotland's people, my wishes of independence for you. But I want to insist in the fact that my wishes do not matter; the only important and essential issue is the opinion of Scotland's people. 

Why I think that the independence is the best future for Scotland?   

-... because, perhaps, one day, the government of UK may not be like the present UK's government, that is democratic and respectful. And  because perhaps, one day, a future UK's Prime Minister may not respect the right of Scottish people to be free, to have a parliament, to call themself “nation”... If Scotland gets its independence, this drama will never happen.

-...because, perhaps, one day, in a far future, Scotland's people want to be independent... and perhaps that day, the UK's government may not allow a referendum... and perhaps that day this prohibition may produce an explossion of violence and war. The peacefully freedom of today can avoid the possible war of tomorrow.

-...because with a yes to the independence, Scotland will teach to the world that to reach a political aim none needs to war nor to hate nor to destroy anyone... Now is the time to leave archaic and bestial ways to solve conflicts. Now is the time to turn violence into dialogue. Now is the time to transform the contempts into democratic attittudes.

-...because the capacity of every nation to decide all about itself  is a natural power, and a good power, and a healthy  power... more healthy than the charge of depending on other people to decide about the own interests. 

-...because with a yes to independence will become true the dreams of those who gave their lifes to achieve a free nation; Robert The Bruce, William Wallace, Andrew of Moray... and many more...

-...because the great achievements need great risks. And because the right to decide the own policies and the own fates is a great achievement. The great victories need the braveness and the generosity of taking risks to benefit the future generations: your sons, the sons of your sons, and all those to come. The future generations will thank today's generation for its braveness and generosity on the decission of building a free an independant nation.

-...because the democratic oportunities to reach independence are not abundant, are rare chances. If Scotland looses this occasion, many generations will lament this wastage. For centuries, in the past, many people have yearned a free and independant Scotland. And in the future, many people will remember this moment and this chance.   

As a catalan citizen, I dream for my little country an opportunity like yours... You already have this opportunity. Make it! Be free!

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