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For having a democracy (and in order to have a democracy), we need not only the compliance of the laws, we also need that these laws be democratic laws.

Yesterday, Spain, suffered a sad and deep democratic regression, or perhaps It showed that its democracy has the roots in the dark earth of the former dictatorial regime. What happened was that a non binding votation was forbidden to catalan people. A votation that only wanted to ask people about their wishes of starting a process to change the Constitution. For having a democracy, and in order to have a democracy, we need not only the compliance of the laws, we also need that these laws be democratic laws. If the Spanish Constitution doesn't allow a non binding votation to ask catalan people their will about the decission of starting a process to change this Constitution ( to start a legal process through legal state's mechanisms)... if this happens this fact means that this Constitution is not a democratic constitution. The idea that expresses that this constitution is not a democratic constitution is not a crazy idea. This Constitution was born in the first times after the …

Spain is not a real union if It doesn't accept the will of union of the nations that form it.

A bath in loch ness (Scotland)  with the Catalan Banner on hands. .
The  human maturity is a gift of all the persons who have learned to love; to love persons and peoples. The differences between the peoples, differences on languages, on views, on cultures... mean a richness from the point of view of mature people that have learned to love human kind and its diversity.  However, exists a sindrome, an illness of the souls, an animal pulsion, a bestial power that push the persons to hate those who are differents. Some people hate the peoples that, inside their same political state, use a different language, have a different style or culture or habits or laws or life's conception... This fact is really an illness, a shameful and ugly illness, an illness that has its roots on the ignorance and the chauvinism of a bad education, an education tied to the hate to all the ideas or realities that endanger the war's possessions of the political state. This is the drama of Catalonia, a natio…

Reasons why to vote YES for Scotish independence. (The view of a foreigner)

Only Scotland's people can decide their future, and I deeply want what Scotland's people decide, whatever this decission be. The only and real victory will be what people decide. However, despite I am not Scottish, and that I'm Catalan, from my far view,  I would humbly like to express to you, Scotland's people, my wishes of independence for you. But I want to insist in the fact that my wishes do not matter; the only important and essential issue is the opinion of Scotland's people. 
Why I think that the independence is the best future for Scotland?   
-... because, perhaps, one day, the government of UK may not be like the present UK's government, that is democratic and respectful. And  because perhaps, one day, a future UK's Prime Minister may not respect the right of Scottish people to be free, to have a parliament, to call themself “nation”... If Scotland gets its independence, this drama will never happen.
-...because, perhaps, one day, in a far future, S…

Edinburgh in the night.

Edinburgh in the night, and a explossion of light, with the stone of the fronts, drawing up smart lines  of the dreams and the drums, in the dark city's closes, while a fairy sings loud, and a lullaby sounds,  through a window in pale yellow candle of oil,   under the biggest moon beyond the fog it shines dress of colours and roses beside the freedom's minds where the great poet lies despite the time goes by. For a soul of his age he is pure like a child at the end of the days.
                                                Jeremias Soler

Letter to the world in the national day of Catalonia (September, 11th) We are made of ten thousand bloods, we are not a race, we are a soul, and this is your land, because our doors are open.

The people, Catalonia's persons, their dreams, their decisions, their hope... don't belong to Spain. What people is, what people want, what people love... doesn't belong to Spain. The value of every person of Catalonia, his natural right to opine about the future of his country, about his language, about his education... doesn't belong to Spain. This Thursday, september 11th, Catalonia celebrates its national day. In this day, three hundred years before, the army of the king of Spain, Phillip V, destroyed the city of Barcelona and killed its main defendants and many of its citizens. From that moment, Spain banned the use of catalan language, enforcing spanish language in oficial life, and abolished the government of catalan nation, initiating a plan to delete Catalonia from the set of the world's nations. Someone could find strange that Catalonia celebrates its national day in the date of a defeat, but we celebrate that despite defeating we are still alive, we are s…

Unscrupulous sheepherders.

I don't like many things of the world where I live. 
The utilitarian education creates narcissistic monsters.
Fear manufactures bad persons.
People often is a herd moved by unscrupulous sheepherders; 
every sheep has tied dreams;
the identity of every sheep is sheared;
every sheep is punished for being creative.

I don't like the exemplars of monkeys 
that consider themself superior;
they shepherd the flock to where the livestock industry is
to kill or to enslave the sheeps.
But the herd is made of hearts,
and every heart is a creator,
every heart has an unique capacity to create, to love, to grow up.

Everybody has the right to be a superior aim, 
higher than the drove.
Every consciousness is the main aim of the universe.
People should fight for everybody's freedom,
for the right to be free, for the right to be creator, for the right to be able to love.
Everybody has the right to identity, the right to be oneself.