Friday, August 22, 2014

Why do so many people hate what is different? The identities are rights of the peoples.

Aurresku is a traditional dance of Euskadi
The Universe agrees with a nod when a culture works to survive. He nods his head full of stars, and smiles with a nebula, and turns on the light of the suns. He stares my little country, despised for centuries.  
Why do so many people hate what is different? 
I've watched carefully some non french persons, and I have realised how many of them detest some french people only because they are french people. I've discovered them throwing an empty plastic bag on the ground of France while they say “the trash for the french people...”. Why do so many people hate the cultures that are different, the languages that are different, the differences, after all...?
Some people hate still stronger the internal differences of their states. For instance, some Spanish people say that they are against the idea of independence for Catalonia or for Euskadi... but they don't realise that they have a brisk separatist attitude when they don't accept that catalan language or euskera may be official languages in E.U. parliament or in Spanish parliament, when they deny the convenience of teaching catalan language or Euskera in all the spanish schools. They, innerly, consider that every culture different to castilian culture is not really a Spanish culture... so... they are the strongest separatists with their contempt for the catalan language or for the non castilian culture. Everybody must freely think and opine, but with respectful attitudes, and using democratic and pacific tools to decide the future of the states. Every people must decide its own future; the union that borns from a free decission is the strongest of all the possible unions. If the union is an imposition, really doesn't exist.

There is no many  sadder realities than the hate that borns from ignorance. I'm not talking about an ignorance caused by the lack of knowledges but about an  ignorance that  arises from an special sort of attitude. There are many intellectual people, with university degrees, with academic prestige, that suffers from a deep ignorance in their attitudes. They are like prehistoric men, attacking any non tribal symbol, and trying to justify the contempt for the cultures that they don't understand. They feel resentful because of their inability to understand feelings and cultures that they don't own, and this resentment angers them.

We must work for a world that may shine with the diversity of its cultures. The cultures, the languages, the identities are rights of the peoples... and anyone who hates any culture, is also hating all the cultures of the world, and after all is hating himself.

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