Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We don't need none to clap us, none to pay us, none to enrich us, our richness is that we like doing.

Many people do the things they like rather well (painting, singing, writting...), but many of these people usually think that they don't do well enough. It happens because they compare themselves with the stars, with the artists that people admire. There always will be someone who will do the things better than everyone of us, and many people will not be able to enjoy their practises by comparisons. Perhaps they'll do in a hidden place, probably they will not show what they do, they will act as if they were making a mistake, a crime, a sin... This is a wrong attitude because happiness doesn't born from the aim of doing things in a way as perfect as the stars or professionals... Happiness flows simply when we do the things we like, just because we do these things, because we like doing these things, because when we do these things, we feel as if we put in touch with a high reality beyond the material world, a reality that takes us to the imagination's world, that takes up our brain, our soul, our mood.
We don't need none to clap us, none to pay us, none to enrich us, our richness is that we like doing. We don't need to do anything as perfect as the masters. We don't need to hide us or to hide our work  when we do what we like. We only need to do freely the things we like, because we enjoy doing and showing those things.  
Everybody have strong creative capacity; it's worth develop it. Society often (probably unconsciously) tries to drown this trend to convert individuals into useful elements of the production's chain. But we are all creators. 
Don't obey those who say you can't. You can. If you feel, you can. Don't listen those who will put their fingers in your eyes to discourage you. They feel bad because they know that you are the proof of their failure, because they could and they didn't want. The society's pace convinced them to forget their soul.    

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