Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sing, swim, have a sunbath, dance, cover your skin with mud, be happy!

  Thank you sky. Thank you sea. Thank you stones. Thank you mud. Thank you wind. Thank you time. Thank you life. Thank you meat. Thank you smile. Thank You freedom. Thank you nakedness. Thank you soul. Thank you nature. Thank you diversity. Thank you all.

Thank you for coming to my existence, to my conscience. I hope you have a good time and I hope that you love me, that you love us. Here we go, full of power, full of deep awareness, full with the Earth.

However you feel, hope! Hope! Always hope! Something or someone has put us on this reality... Something or someone has made us as we are... We haven't chosen what each one of us is! What we are determines what we do... But you must realise that you can more than you think.  You can reach nearby all the things you want if you work. When you are in your fourties, you discover all the things one day you thought you can't reach... and you realise that that thought was false. You could have reached those dreams if you had fought. And you can still reached those dreams, or perhaps another dreams. The future is in your hands, in your hard-working hands. But chase your future, the future that is yours.

I feel I've reached the most of my dreams. Perhaps because my dreams are free. My dreams only depens on my mind: to be free, to have a nice family, to try to be a kind man, to join to nature in a way as wild and naked as I can, to learn new knowledges everyday till my death, to teach to the people I love that being alive is a privilege and that every instant is a gift, to write what I believe, to write and create stories that I imagine, to feel and to write a little drop of poetry that excites me, to avoid the money and its trap, not to fear the death but to love the time of life, to sing without fame's yearns nor a consumistic soul. 

Probably I forget some dreams in this list, all of them are free dreams, and I've reached all of them.    
Are you afraid to die? Don't be afraid? You must be afraid for not being awake, for not creating, for not being happy, for not discovering the strong beauty of all the things. 

What's wrong? The only wrong is not being alive. Step forward. There is a bright planet full of life and light.

The day I took these photos, we covered the whole skin with mud. It was funny. We were beside the Atlantic Ocean, in Tarifa, in a free beach where everybody could be naked. With the mud on the skin and the sun and the waves, we were we, we were alive, we were deeply happy. Thousands of persons emerging from the night of centuries have been covering their skins with mud. They lived subjects to blind traditions that tied the soul of their poor freedom. The  ignorance is the hardest  chain. In the middle age these chains were specially strong. We live a time that allows us to reach the highest levels of wisdom. The true wisdom is that wisdom that proclames its own ignorance. In fact, there's no ignorance when we know that we are ignorant, the true ignorances are those ignorances that proclaims that they are wise. Every human being is the main aim of the whole universe. Every human being deserves to be free, to be happy, to enjoy nature, to play with the waves, to be naked under the sun, to sing, to be alive, and to learn and develop.

I invite you to this pretty place in Bolonia (Tarifa) Spain, to be naked, to cover your skin with mud, to sing, to love human kind and Earth.


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