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We don't need none to clap us, none to pay us, none to enrich us, our richness is that we like doing.

Many people do the things they like rather well (painting, singing, writting...), but many of these people usually think that they don't do well enough. It happens because they compare themselves with the stars, with the artists that people admire. There always will be someone who will do the things better than everyone of us, and many people will not be able to enjoy their practises by comparisons. Perhaps they'll do in a hidden place, probably they will not show what they do, they will act as if they were making a mistake, a crime, a sin... This is a wrong attitude because happiness doesn't born from the aim of doing things in a way as perfect as the stars or professionals... Happiness flows simply when we do the things we like, just because we do these things, because we like doing these things, because when we do these things, we feel as if we put in touch with a high reality beyond the material world, a reality that takes us to the imagination's world, that takes …

An upright state's man.

(To David Cameron)

There's no use taking care to skirt freedom
nowadays freedom is gleaming north away.
North away where the mellow dares to be brave
with the upright step of those who only obey
the peaceful pace of sanity and wisdom.

Jeremias Soler
?"Scotland's future will be in Scotland's hands."

David Cameron.

Why do so many people hate what is different? The identities are rights of the peoples.

Aurresku is a traditional dance of Euskadi Source: .
The Universe agrees with a nod when a culture works to survive. He nods his head full of stars, and smiles with a nebula, and turns on the light of the suns. He stares my little country, despised for centuries.   Why do so many people hate what is different?  I've watched carefully some non french persons, and I have realised how many of them detest some french people only because they are french people. I've discovered them throwing an empty plastic bag on the ground of France while they say “the trash for the french people...”. Why do so many people hate the cultures that are different, the languages that are different, the differences, after all...? Some people hate still stronger the internal differences of their states. For instance, some Spanish people say that they are against the idea of independence for Catalonia or for Euskadi... but they don't realise that they have a brisk separatist attitude w…

A place where the stars draw, over the sky, the answer to the questions about the beauty's misteries.

Parc Güell, Barcelona. . . There is a place on mind where consciousness flies over gleaming colors. These colors take their hands and start the elevated dance of existence. A place where the stars draw, over the sky, the answer to the questions about the beauty's misteries. There is a place for the thoughts that calls us to fly over the Mediterranean waters and over the patchs of the olive-trees, to see the geckos beside the lights of the old country houses and the tall palm trees that hold the dome of a sky full of twilights.
There is a red earth that  is ours. An earth made of blood, sweat and hope. An earth irrigated by the aches of many mothers, and by some special scents: wine's scent, and scent of ancient cellar, and scent of wet and mown grass. An earth irrigated by the tears of some ancestor that feel happy for the sight of the growing life, in spite the sorrows, the wars and the death.
There is an space that no critical can touch with the tips of the nails. A place beyond t…

Sing, swim, have a sunbath, dance, cover your skin with mud, be happy!

Thank you sky. Thank you sea. Thank you stones. Thank you mud. Thank you wind. Thank you time. Thank you life. Thank you meat. Thank you smile. Thank You freedom. Thank you nakedness. Thank you soul. Thank you nature. Thank you diversity. Thank you all.
Thank you for coming to my existence, to my conscience. I hope you have a good time and I hope that you love me, that you love us. Here we go, full of power, full of deep awareness, full with the Earth.
However you feel, hope! Hope! Always hope! Something or someone has put us on this reality... Something or someone has made us as we are... We haven't chosen what each one of us is! What we are determines what we do... But you must realise that you can more than you think.  You can reach nearby all the things you want if you work. When you are in your fourties, you discover all the things one day you thought you can't reach... and you realise that that thought was false. You could have reached those dreams if you had fought. And…

Marla. A pure place of Euskadi.

Marla. A place where Pyrenees decide to leave the athmosphere and sink in the Cantabrian sea. A meadow, down, between atlantic forests.  A freshwater's stream that fills a lake only ten meters far from the ocean. One of the few lonely places of Jaizkibel. By now, Marla survives in spite the lack of intelligence and values that  suffers the specie that at these centuries domain the Earth like a plague. 
 For a man of my age, it is an honour knowing Jaizkibel rather well. Once upon a time that on saturday afternoons I used to go to Jaizkibel to hear the sound of the waves and to breathe clean air. I often drove to this little big hill beside the deep and dark blue sea. Jaizkibel is a house without any buzzer. Mountains are houses without buzzer. We don't need to press any buzzer at the entrance. Nature is free. I used to go through the wet grass, sometimes in the middle of the fog. It was like in the life: we usually go through with something that excites us. Those Jaizkibel's tim…

Bright day of beach!

I am very much impressed by that as a strong wave. A blue and bright wave means a lot to me. There is an strong inner comfort in knowing I can hug a wave, smell its salt's scent, kiss its fresh and wild test. A blue, or green, or emerald wave is one of the greatest constructions of the Earth. It lives in an instant, but if we were beings that live just an instant, the wave would live along our whole live.
No matter whether the instants finish. They have been alive, they have been our instants. So that... they are eternal instants. Beauty stays in spite that the instants finish.  We live inside the instant, though I have other things to work and fight. But these other things will appear after the instant, so that, in my life only the instant exists. And this is one of the secrets of the happiness. Happiness is very easy. It is so easy that it is difficult to see it.
During the time of the instant, many things happen. A drop stays in the air and the sun turn it into fire, fresh fire, …

Have you ever sung in a beach? "Només hi ha premi"

This song "Només hi ha premi", is one year old. This is the reason why I have sung it again. I sang this song in a beach. Have you ever sung in a beach? The sound of the waves is like a chorus. All in nature seems to smile. Sometimes I think that nature guides us, that takes care on us, and that feels happy when we do things it likes, as a mother, as a great soul that cuddles all the things.
Some people think that they must only do what they do well... That's a mistake. We don't need to sing very well to sing, we don't need to dance very well to dance, we don't need to do anything very well to do whatever we like. We must do things to enjoy, to feel alive, to express hapiness or fullness. Our acts have a great value on themselves, and not for being useful but for being funny, intense, deep... When we sing we don't compete against anybody; we express the joy of being alive, we express what we feel about some idea or experience.
Have you ever sung naked in a l…