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The happiness is in the wide and red expanses where the wind sings and the sun reddens the landscape in the sunset

You may want the flashes and the fame, but the life is in the meadows, the happiness is in the wide and red expanses where the wind sings and the sun reddens the landscape in the sunset. The life is settled in the crepitation of the campfire when stars shine on sky. Life hides on the mountains, between the scarlet big rocks, in the middle of the mixture of scents of rosemary, thyle, pines, and holm oak trees...

I don't yearn the distressing race to reach the possession of all the things; the new things, the expensive things, the funny things, signs of class... I want only a song sung by people that don't sing very well but sing with passion. I want to the people I love... people that love woods, and hills, and streams, and the dark paths in the forest, and the warbling of unknown birds, and long rambles towards the wild nature.

Once upon a time a lonely boy, a sad and lonely boy, that was exiled from his homeland. He lived in a world of concrete and bricks. He was dominated by handlers consciences that wanted to lead him towards the golden jail of myths of conveniences and eternal fears. One day, this boy heard the "Waltzing Mathilda". The "Waltzing Mathilda" was sung by two lovely girls of thirteen in the middle on the wild Australia, beside a campfire. The lonely boy was fourteen, and he had never known any girl because handlers consciences had forbidden any meeting. They said that girls were dangerous because they could put the lonely boy out of the holy way. That day, when the boy heard the girls singing "Waltzing Mathilda", he understood that the life was a magical gift, and that the Earth and the existence were the materialization of a misterious love that rules the universe. With the “Waltzing Mathilda” the boy regained freedom, and this is the reason why this boy has this song as a personal hymn of independance and freedom.

Nowadays, this boy is forty five, and in spite he is a Catalan man, he sings the Waltzing Mathilda (an Australian folk song) beside his son and his daughter, as a song of freedom, love and nature... as a song of love to the life's diversity, and as a song of love to the mountains, the woods and the meadows of the Earth.

(Images from Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt)


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