Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Asabon river. Murillo. Huesca. A paradise...

In the Huesca's Mountains, there is a special place that is hidden in the woods; a place far away from civilitation. If you go there and turn on a radio, you will not hear any voice, any music, any clever sound. If you try to use your mobil phone, it will not work. This place is like a paradise where most of time, loneliness is the queen; loneliness, beauty, peace, light, nature... Few people know this place, and I show it only to the people that love wilderness more than cities or buildings. This place is a river flowing in a wood. A river meandering between rocks and trees with clean and emerald pools, deep or shallow pools, and the water running and flashing.
In this place you can bath and swim as you were at home, feeling the warm sunrays and the breeze on your skin, and fusing with nature and Earth. I hope you like.


  1. It is perfect to recharge the batteries. Nothing does that better than being at a place like this. The stress from city life just slides away with the first steps into such an environment. There is just one problem that need to be resolved. You should be able to make time to switch to slow-motion. There is never enough time. It's simply beautiful.


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