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Delta de l'Ebre. Catalonia. Wide and green rice's fields. Vast expanse of sand and sun beside the sea.

Loneliness. Wide and green rice's fields. Vast expanse of sand and sun beside the sea. Lonely beach that smells of salt and grass. That place where nakedness is the brightest dress under the sky. The auditorium of the waves and the birds. The end of the land where the sea starts, and the dephts offer their misteries.
My voice and my guitar were scattered through the waves. A black shark got close to us. The shark was chasing silver's fishes. The shark was one meter long.  Children played with the waves in a lonely paradise of water and light.
These places are sunk in a big loneliness because people preffer the noises and the neons of a mad world that tries to buy hapiness with its money. This ill world chases an idea that doesn't exist. What exists is the nature and its gifts. A free nature. A beautiful natures that calls us. Most of people don't hear nature because they have a headphones on their ears, so that they try to buy the life; but the life does not cost money. This is…

We have just arrived from Platja del Torn

We have just arrived from Platja del Torn, where we have spent some familiar and naturist days. I like very much that beach. I like it the way the people have a rest, lying on the sand, reading, swimming or having a sunbath... Here, the nakedness is like a handsome and nice dress that makes people bright and natural. I like it very much that families spend the time without any clothes discovering the life under the sea and forgetting the fact that they are naked. In this situations, there isn't any sort of morbidness. Here, the nude body, hasn't any sort of eroticism. Here, all is tenderness and freedom. And when children will grow and become adult men and women they will have learnt to treat people not as palatable bodies but as persons that have inside a heart, a consciousness, a mind, a whole universe. Nakedness is the book where children can learn to know the real people, without fetishism. And It is better to know the real body of the people in a familiar environment full o…

When a child dies, there's no reasons to justify this drama...

(Image used by Angeles Reyes Ridgeley, in the article: Israel loves palestine movement Ángeles, if you don't want I use this image, tell it me, and I remove it, thanks!) . . . . When a child dies, there's no reasons to justify this drama... No matter if this child is from Israel, from Palestina or from Germany... There is only one true homeland, the country of the persons who love persons. All the governments has the duty of solving the problems through dialogue. Violence only produces more violence. If we injure someone because we have been attacked, this someone will attack and injure us because we have attacked him, and we will attack him again because he has attacked us, and probably we will injure other people that also will attack us, and we will attack again... and this chain reaction will grow and grow and grow... and many innocents will die. Of course, there are some places in the world where the hate is like the mist that cover the landscape... but this drama doesn't…

The happiness is in the wide and red expanses where the wind sings and the sun reddens the landscape in the sunset

You may want the flashes and the fame, but the life is in the meadows, the happiness is in the wide and red expanses where the wind sings and the sun reddens the landscape in the sunset. The life is settled in the crepitation of the campfire when stars shine on sky. Life hides on the mountains, between the scarlet big rocks, in the middle of the mixture of scents of rosemary, thyle, pines, and holm oak trees...
I don't yearn the distressing race to reach the possession of all the things; the new things, the expensive things, the funny things, signs of class... I want only a song sung by people that don't sing very well but sing with passion. I want to the people I love... people that love woods, and hills, and streams, and the dark paths in the forest, and the warbling of unknown birds, and long rambles towards the wild nature.
Once upon a time a lonely boy, a sad and lonely boy, that was exiled from his homeland. He lived in a world of concrete and bricks. He was dominated by…

Some photos of the life under the sea in Cala Fonda

I had already talked about this beach in these previous post: 
A radiant day in Cala Fonda
Cala Fonda (or Waikiki). Those who love this land reach this land as this land is; and love this land, as this land is.

It is Cala Fonda (also called Waikiki), and it is one of the most beautiful naturist beach of Catalonia.
Today I've been taking some photos of the life under the sea. I've chosen some of them to put in this post. At the end of the undersea photos there are some images of the beach. I hope you like.