Thursday, July 31, 2014

Delta de l'Ebre. Catalonia. Wide and green rice's fields. Vast expanse of sand and sun beside the sea.

Wide and green rice's fields.
Vast expanse of sand and sun beside the sea.
Lonely beach that smells of salt and grass.
That place where nakedness is the brightest dress under the sky.
The auditorium of the waves and the birds.
The end of the land where the sea starts, and the dephts offer their misteries.

My voice and my guitar were scattered through the waves.
A black shark got close to us. The shark was chasing silver's fishes. The shark was one meter long. 
Children played with the waves in a lonely paradise of water and light.

These places are sunk in a big loneliness because people preffer the noises and the neons of a mad world that tries to buy hapiness with its money. This ill world chases an idea that doesn't exist. What exists is the nature and its gifts. A free nature. A beautiful natures that calls us. Most of people don't hear nature because they have a headphones on their ears, so that they try to buy the life; but the life does not cost money. This is the deep knowledge that we should learn: life is free. The most beautiful in life is nakedness. The most handsome landscape is the original and natural landscape. To be happy and free we must leave possessions. Happiness is a decision of our mind. It is like a jump; a jump into a cold swimming pool. After the jump we realise that the water is sweet and we feel deeply happy.

This images are images of the Delta de l'Ebre, in Catalonia. There are quilometers and quilometers of free and lonely beaches to enjoy nature.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We have just arrived from Platja del Torn

We have just arrived from Platja del Torn, where we have spent some familiar and naturist days.
I like very much that beach. I like it the way the people have a rest, lying on the sand, reading, swimming or having a sunbath... Here, the nakedness is like a handsome and nice dress that makes people bright and natural. I like it very much that families spend the time without any clothes discovering the life under the sea and forgetting the fact that they are naked. In this situations, there isn't any sort of morbidness. Here, the nude body, hasn't any sort of eroticism. Here, all is tenderness and freedom. And when children will grow and become adult men and women they will have learnt to treat people not as palatable bodies but as persons that have inside a heart, a consciousness, a mind, a whole universe.
Nakedness is the book where children can learn to know the real people, without fetishism. And It is better to know the real body of the people in a familiar environment full of sanity than in forbidden magazines or marginal situations. There's no anything sinful in human body; all is natural and bright, and persons need to discover and to know the natural image of human person from the born time, and so learning to watch the consciousness behind the body. If we discover a soul, a deep and lovely soul, behind a nice and naked body, we will discover a soul behind any person we find in our life's path.
So... Where is the bad pedagogy? Where is the scandal? Where is the eroticism? Where is the clumsy strategy that presses human mind because hides the real body as if it was the box of Pandora?  This bad pedagogy is not the pedagogy of the free nude body but the pedagogy of the hard morality that for centuries has been deforming human image as if our material reality was the devil's work. This conservative moral that hates the nakedness is the cause of so many erotic and obsessive desires that dominate men's mind. This conservative and arcaic moral that attacks the nakedness really achieves something very different to the idea that it fights. This conservative morality turns men and women into pansexual and obsessive beings that feel excitation only from seeing naked men or women.
 On the other hand, the familiar pedagogy that treats nakedness as a normal situation in some moments of the life (without any strange ocultation nor morbidness) is a pedagogy that turns children into men and women that live their bodies with sanity, with freedom, in a natural way. They don't feel upset or nervous or excited when they see a naked girl or a naked boy... They are stronger to decide their acts not by the desires they feel but by the aims they decide to achieve. People have born to be free, to be self consciousness, to be happy, to be natural, to be satisfied with their own reality, to love nature and to love all that nature has made on us. People feel a deep and marvellous freedom's sensation when they join to the  landscape with the whole skin, as an only sense, as a part of the natural landscape. 
Too many people mix up nakedness with sexuality, and it happens because they have been educated in a bad pedagogy, the pedagogy of the ocultation. Sexuality is not a bad reality, but it is not the same than nakedness. The nude body is not necessarily sexuality. We can't be free if we don't accept and know our reality as a good reality, as a worthy reality, as a sacred reality, as a natural reality. We will be strange people if someone convinces us that we are really strange people. Our educations have been made with all the subtile missages that many people have been repeating for years without our awareness. These messages enter in our subconscious and separate us from the nature. These messages convince to a lot of people on a big lie. The messages say that naked body is ugly, sinful, pansexual, morbid... We need change the pace of the world and explain that the nakedness is the way to discover our own image and the book where children can learn that their bodies are nice, that their bodies are not obsessively sexuals, that always there is a person behind a body, a mind, a consciousness, a heart... and that the love is more than a body, more than a desire, more than an animal impulse. We must reconquered the human body for the life of spirituality and humanity. Our bodies are the icones of our persons.
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Friday, July 18, 2014

When a child dies, there's no reasons to justify this drama...

  (Image used by Angeles Reyes Ridgeley, in the article: Israel loves palestine movement
Ángeles, if you don't want I use this image, tell it me, and I remove it, thanks!)
When a child dies, there's no reasons to justify this drama... No matter if this child is from Israel, from Palestina or from Germany... There is only one true homeland, the country of the persons who love persons. All the governments has the duty of solving the problems through dialogue. Violence only produces more violence. If we injure someone because we have been attacked, this someone will attack and injure us because we have attacked him, and we will attack him again because he has attacked us, and probably we will injure other people that also will attack us, and we will attack again... and this chain reaction will grow and grow and grow... and many innocents will die. Of course, there are some places in the world where the hate is like the mist that cover the landscape... but this drama doesn't give anybody the right to kill anyone. We can't stop the war with a worse war. The war is the worst shame of human kind. We belong to the childrens homeland. Human beings belong to the childrens homeland. The enemies don't exist, sadly we discover this reality when we see that they are dead. Those who we call "enemies" are persons that need happiness, and freedom, and a dignified life, to feed their sons and daughters, to give an education to their sons and daughters, and to live in peace. They need to share their culture, their artistic expressions, their deep thoughts, their human richness... Everybody needs everybody. There is enough space to live everybody freely without violence, we only need to sit and talk without endless ambitions, without infinite rancor, for our children, for the future. Every child has an endless dignity. Every person has an infinite value. We can't live in peace inside our heart if we kill somebody. None nation can be a free nation if bases its raison d'etre on the injustice or destruction of other nations. All the nations has the right to exist and to be free. All of them have to have a land and a state. Israel must exist. Palestina must exist. It is not so difficult. We only need (everybody needs) turn off the hate, destroy the weapons, talk, speak, dialogue, grant (everybody), generously grant, understand, be human beings, be persons more than state machinery... We must work to achieve a righter world for everybody, with democratic education, with tolerance, with respect, with social equality... we must leave fundamentalisms, dogmas (any sort of dogma). We must only have one dogma: Love, love, love, love... We are all persons.

These are some of the children who died last weekend in Palestina. They are not only numbers, they are not cyphers... they had a name, an smile, a way of look, a way of talk. They had hope. They were eager to live. They could not run away from the only land they owned. They died but their lifes has an infinite value. Those who have killed them don't know what they have done... If they knew it, they would go mad by the pain.
The life of these children are so important as the life of the killed persons of Israel... all the lifes have an endless dignity... and we need to live in peace... The only enemies are those who kill.

Ahed Atef Bakr, 10 years old

Zakaria Ahed Bakr, de 10 years old

Mohamed Ramez Bakr, de 11 years old

Ismael Mohamed Bakr, de 9 years old

Hussam Ibrahim al-Najjar, 14 years old

Anas Alaa al-Batash, 10 years old

Qassi Isam al-Batash, 12 years old

Qassem Jaber Adwan Awdeh, 16 years old

Saher Abu Namous, 3 years old

Ghalia Deeb Jabr al-Ghanam, 7 years old

Nour Marwan al-Najdi, 10 years old

Bassem Abdelrahman Khattab, 6 years old

Yasmin Mohamed Mutawaq, 4 years old

Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazal, 5 years old

Seraj Ayad Abed al-A'al, 8 years old

Mohamed Ayman Ashour, 15 years old

Bassim Salim Kawareh, 10 years old

Mousa Habib. 16 years old

Dunia Mehdi Hamad, 16 years old

Mohammed Areef, 13 years old

Amir Areef, 12 years old

Ibrahim Masri, amb 14 years old

Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasra al-Meghazi, 5 years old

Salah Awwad al-Nawasra al-Meghazi,

Ranim Jawde Abdel Ghafour, 18 months old

Fatima Mahmoud al-Hajj, 12 years old  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The happiness is in the wide and red expanses where the wind sings and the sun reddens the landscape in the sunset

You may want the flashes and the fame, but the life is in the meadows, the happiness is in the wide and red expanses where the wind sings and the sun reddens the landscape in the sunset. The life is settled in the crepitation of the campfire when stars shine on sky. Life hides on the mountains, between the scarlet big rocks, in the middle of the mixture of scents of rosemary, thyle, pines, and holm oak trees...

I don't yearn the distressing race to reach the possession of all the things; the new things, the expensive things, the funny things, signs of class... I want only a song sung by people that don't sing very well but sing with passion. I want to the people I love... people that love woods, and hills, and streams, and the dark paths in the forest, and the warbling of unknown birds, and long rambles towards the wild nature.

Once upon a time a lonely boy, a sad and lonely boy, that was exiled from his homeland. He lived in a world of concrete and bricks. He was dominated by handlers consciences that wanted to lead him towards the golden jail of myths of conveniences and eternal fears. One day, this boy heard the "Waltzing Mathilda". The "Waltzing Mathilda" was sung by two lovely girls of thirteen in the middle on the wild Australia, beside a campfire. The lonely boy was fourteen, and he had never known any girl because handlers consciences had forbidden any meeting. They said that girls were dangerous because they could put the lonely boy out of the holy way. That day, when the boy heard the girls singing "Waltzing Mathilda", he understood that the life was a magical gift, and that the Earth and the existence were the materialization of a misterious love that rules the universe. With the “Waltzing Mathilda” the boy regained freedom, and this is the reason why this boy has this song as a personal hymn of independance and freedom.

Nowadays, this boy is forty five, and in spite he is a Catalan man, he sings the Waltzing Mathilda (an Australian folk song) beside his son and his daughter, as a song of freedom, love and nature... as a song of love to the life's diversity, and as a song of love to the mountains, the woods and the meadows of the Earth.

(Images from Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some photos of the life under the sea in Cala Fonda

I had already talked about this beach in these previous post: 

It is Cala Fonda (also called Waikiki), and it is one of the most beautiful naturist beach of Catalonia.

Today I've been taking some photos of the life under the sea. I've chosen some of them to put in this post. At the end of the undersea photos there are some images of the beach. I hope you like.

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