Sunday, June 22, 2014

The fullness is sat beside us.

When you start off your path towards Ithaka
you must hope that the voyage be a long one,
full of adventures, full of discoveries

You must hope that the voyage be a long one.
May there be many a summer morning when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you come into harbors never seen before (...)

(...) Ithaka has given you the marvelous travel.
Without her you would not have set out.
She has nothing left to give you now.

And if you find that she is poor, Ithaka hasn't fooled you.
Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
you will have understood what Ithaka means.

Konstandinos Petru Kavafis
We have more beauty in the leaves of the olive-trees than in the screen of a TV or a computer, but sometimes we put all our energies to reach a life full of artifacts that are considered as symbols of material prosperity or social power. Perhaps, people is not happy, and search obsessively some machines, or pills, or objects... that gives them the fullness of peace. But sadly many people don't realise that the fullnes of life is hidden in the olive-tree's leaves, in the wide sea, in the flashes of the waves, in the light of a sunray passing through the water of a glass, in the smile of the people around us, in the shady of a street in the hot summer, in a sunset, in the song chanted by a girl while she is playing in a park... The fullness is sat on the simple realities that we can find every day easily. But people often don't watch simple realities and they loose the idea of privilege. Being alive is a privilege, and the fullness flows from this idea. The beauty is already beside us, inside us... we don't need be chained to any necessity to be happy, because happines is beside us. We only need to watch it, and to enjoy it.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where is the thrill when body passes?

Where are the minds that one day cared me?
They nursed me more than they nursed themselves.
Some years ago, they went away
to the earth of the landscape.

If they were earth, how could they loved me?
How could they be a pure and strong wish?
If they were thought, how could they die?
The will remains, the matter fades away. 

When the wind blows, I think of them
as if they were the air that moves away,
and their heart talked with silent voice
around my skin, and they were wakeful.

Some day they had a whole world inside,
they were as strong and tall as trees.
I was their heritage, their dreams,
but one day they turn into ground.    

 I can't understand how the thrill
can born or die from dust of stars.
Where is the thrill when body passes?

And when the fire fizzles out,
and star gets dark in coldest night,
where are the minds that one day loved?

Jeremias Soler

Friday, June 6, 2014

When childhood is the search of the creativity.

The naturist beach of El Torn, in Hospitalet de l'Infant. 
In the darkest instants of my life, when the whole day was sunk in a strange night, I tried to get what I could get while there was something to enjoy. The wings of  Earth were cut by a black wind of fear and punishment. All around was the door of the hell and those who were dressed in black and red used to smoke and to repeat boring psalms that had been written by men many centuries before.

The world is full of bad shepherds that don't live and don't let live. They kill the movement to survive, thinking about the worst possibilities of the risk. Their speech explains that the inmobility doesn't die. But It is true because the inmobility is already dead.

I wish a better world for those to come, without any sword hanging over the heads of my sons and my daughters. I want them to be free. I want them to be full of serenity. I want them to absorbe all the deep beauty of the life without fears or threatens. I wish a yellow beach with emerald water, and a sun burning over the clean and deep blue, and the breeze kissing the skin of the people I love. I wish the dream of love comes true. 

I'm sad for so many people that remain encaged into narrow minds. Knowledge makes people free. Nature hides a book inside, and this book reveals the secret of the hapiness to us.

I've been forty five years in this planet. The first ten years were a perfect mixture of hapiness and sadness, of nature and frustration, of wisdom and bad education. I had inside me an enormous yearn of creativity. I needed to create. The school foiled my creative necessities, because teachers worked with the pace of the slowest boys. It was a time of darkness. Books were expensive and bad. Internet didn't exist. I wanted to know the answer of a lot of questions that burned into my heart. The adults thought I was a mad, an strange child, too serious, too sensible, too shy. 

Another day, this story will go on.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Our first day at the beach this year, and some thoughts about what is a person.

The first day of being at beach of every spring is the most intense day, even though the water is as cold as it had been taken out from a refrigerator.  But we had been so long without the special sensations of the nature that we feel as if we had went back to our home. This sensations born from the wet sea's breeze which is impregnated of salt. This invisible salt seems turning everything into pure. At the beach, we are filled with the colors that we have remembered for the whole winter. For the winter time, we have been watching these colors in the photos. We have been feeling the thrill of the light, a sense so deep that we can't describe it.

Saved images can't calk the natural colors of the landscape, nor simulate the fact of being inside this colors or embracing to this breeze. This breeze is like a wild sea's treacle that welcomes us. But this breeze is not a corny breeze, because you know, and this breeze knows, that if you despise the nature, you will die. If you swim offshore like a crazy drunk... if you treat the nature as if the nature had no power, then nature will destroy you. In spite this natural punishment, the nature will keep its love for you. It will kill you in spite it loves you. This story is like the plot of Ulysses and the sirens. You must learn to hear the sirens songs. You must enjoy the deep beauty that surrounds you. But you should not lose your sanity. You should not have overconfidence in nature; the beauty that has created you and that loves you as it was your mother, will kill you if you don't respect her. And this process will have been an absolutely natural process.

Some people try to defend any nonsense appealing to the natural character of any phenomenon. They use nature's name in vain. We should not use nature's name in vain because for instance whales are natural animals, and dolphins too... but if you jump into the water to swim beside those animals because you consider that those animals are natural beings and because you are a very natural person... then you will discover that It is also natural that the whale bites you... or perhaps you will discover that the whale wants to play with you, taking you by foot, and sinking you fourteen meters below into the ocean... and perhaps the whale keeps you at that depth five or six minutes. So... you should not use nature's name in vain. The nature has created the death too. The nature also extinguishes animal species and destroys individuals; all these processes are also natural.  

 When we see a person, our natural reaction should be to admire and respect the deep invisible beauty hidden behind the deep visible beauty that shines under the sun. A human being, more than an iceberg, hides under the clear and emerald waters of the human body, a thought infinitely more valuable and bigger. People who don't watch the hidden part of the iceberg are ignorant people that despise, and reduce, and deform... the persons. This sort of people don't treat persons in a human way.   

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