Sunday, May 4, 2014

We'll read, only, the love that is written on trees leaves.

Neither cassocks nor hell ; only the Sun and stars.
Neither crosses , nor torture; smiles and hope.
Neither ruined nor eternal punishment; a path of learning, freedom, life, empathy , beauty, joy.
Neither latin words, nor masses, nor boring or obscure temples; songs under the sun or beside a campfire, songs and dances amid laughter... Poems of forest, sea dragons and fairies, love and peace, roots and mud, snow and nakedness, stone's huts and clean and clear days, birds and hope.
Neither opression or headaches by theological thinking, nor doctrinal and moral disquisitions; only "now", "now" when the sun shines, "now" when it rains, "now" when you laugh and when I laugh. "Now" and what you see in "now", and what you love in "now", and what you enjoy in "now".
Neither vocation nor unavoidable missions imposed, nor chosen people, nor chosen persons; only the freedom to do with life what we feel that we need to do, without anyone deciphering anything to anyone, nor chewing to anyone, nor damaging to anyone. Without anyone coercing people to act by fear or interest. Without eternal rests, without yawns or migraines .
We'll read, only, the love that is written on trees leaves, or in the strings of DNA, or in the form of the waves of the wild beaches, or in the dazzling light of the Sun above the blue sea, or in the dark blue water of the big sea's depths, or in the cool rain, or in the smile of  people. We'll interpret the silence of the mysteries as a calling to the freedom and to the passionate discovering of the beauty.
We will taste the fresh and clean wind of Sunday mornings, the warmth of the sun rays, the festival of the water of a fountain's pump in a park. We will only think of the Sun, of the light and of the fountain. We will not think of yesterday or tomorrow. We will not think of before or since. We will swim naked in a cove, without neither time nor watch, without the instant that has just happened nor the instant that is going to come. We will only think of "now", of an special "now" that  don't lack anything and that don't think of anything.
 Life is what it is, without deep thoughts; only with the socks on feet when it's cold rather than convoluted lessons of ethics. only with the slice of bread with tomato and ham. Only with the custom of sitting and doing nothing. Only with the pleasure of laughing for no reason. Only with the habit of watching diversity and feeling good by this. Only breathing deeply and sleeping in a couch after lunch. 
To live in life, perhaps, unnoticed, enjoying it, knowing that each one of us are only one person, and that when we will be deads the world will continue, and nothing will happen. To savor life with discretion and anonymity, without the wish of living the life of the others. To love and let love without jealousy or possessive love, without the golden chains of the possessive love. We will not be afraid of death because we are alive and because we are free.

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