Saturday, May 10, 2014

This weekend, Terrassa is a Modernist Town again.

Today and tomorrow, Terrassa celebrates its Modernist Fair. The people of the town get dressed in vintages clothes. Wherever you walk, you find expositions, gadgets, shows, performances, traditional trade, crafts... The city gets full of people as if it was the town's festival. 
Terrassa has a lot of Modernist Houses, little palaces built in the style of Antoni Gaudi. One of the pupils of Gaudí was Lluís Muncunill, the Architect of the Masia Freixa, one of the most beautiful designs of the city.

Museu de la Ciència i Tècnica de Catalunya (Terrassa)

                                           Museu de la Ciència i Tècnica de Catalunya (Terrassa)

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