Friday, May 9, 2014

The orchesta sounds (II)

The orchestra sounds,
the orchesta that celebrates the privilege.
A man laughs and has a clown's nose,
and children jump on sand dunes.
The waves come and go
while the sun is going down
and dyes landscape in red.
Someone is dying,
but before leaving life,
he dances with the person he love most.
They follow the melody
of a young man with dreadlocks
that plays a guitar and sings 
an old John Sebastian's song:
"And then all that I know
I've learned, assuming my kid.
And all my deepest worries
must be true historical cartoons..."
And really they dance badly,
but they know that the sweetest experiences in life
are those we have not learned.
Wherever someone walks,
between the forest and the beach,
he, or she, feels a mixture of scents,
salt, pine, grass, algae ...
And when you want, you can sit or walk. 
And you think that the fact that you exist 
is a good experience, 
in spite that tomorrow 
you will have gone away.

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