Monday, May 5, 2014

The dark nights of the life.

Sometimes I feel that life winds and twists around me, 
like a rope that brings to live and tries to tie me.
I want to be reckless and transmit so much braveness as I can 
to my son and daughter.

In the dark nights of the life
I hear warblings and the wind's song
and my hypothetic braveness.
It is only a dress that covers my fear
because the beauty of the landscape 
asleep my mind with honey dreams and nude light.

I hatch my brood with my blindness
avoiding the images 
that destroy the core of my bones
and, as better I can, 
I sketch on my face 
something that seems a smile.
The enforced smile, then, 
turns into a sun's ray that appears after storm.

Those to come 
deserve our love
as we have deserved the love 
of those that have gone away.
Every voice singing from the deep of the heart
springs an only poem, an unique piece
that have ever yet been heard upon Earth.
Our voice borns from the love that flows with our blood, inside us.
Sometimes our love seems cold because It is free,
but free love is perhaps the only sincere love,
because It only seeks the good for those It loves.

I cry some nights, 
because my own weakness scares me,
the same as any.
But I know that no one will be dropped by death,
It is one of my deep secrets.
I can't say that I believe this, because I know this.
This idea allow me to go forward.
There's another idea I know too:
All persons are equal,
In spite the facts or evidences.
If each one of us would be the thief that yesterday stole a bank,
then, each one of us would has stolen the same bank.

Jeremias Soler


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