Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sitges and "Artamore". Art and Beauty. Art and love.

Yesterday, we visited an artistic shop of Sitges that is on the one hand an Arts Gallery and by the other hand It is a shop too. Its name is “Artamore”.
In Artamore you will find artistic handmade products, crafts, paintings, pottery, all sort of unique designs. With these products, the artists have explored all the possibilities of creativity.
The customers can often find works made from reused or recycled materials, with a stamp of identity impregnated of beauty and originality that goes further than the products you can find in any other shop.
Several artists periodically exhibit and offer their works in Artamore, so that the shop hasn't ever the same face.
Artamore also offers the possibility of designing and producing personalized works, in the way the customer wants: presents for weddings, aniversaries, trade designs, products for corporations, etc.  

You can visit their facebook:

and their web:

After our visiting to Artamore, that is in the core Sitges, we enjoyed the beauty of Sitges, the coquetry of the harbour's siren, and the wet and marine afternoon of may.  

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