Friday, May 16, 2014

First light

Let's go back to the first light
when we enjoyed the being
dazzling shower of sun drops 
in a strange world of cold.

Our first sight, was a puzzle
all made of fear and hope
holy scents of bright mother
spreading always around.

Slowly, the mind awakes
understanding the unknown.
The unknown is all, and increases
the more we learn, more it grows.

It's a hard work, the long life,
growing till be a child,
we'll have had to burn much clothes,
a lot of empty gold gods.

One day we thought we were adults,
grand men or women, wise lords.
Strong Time’s hammer sculpted us
with a mysterious love.

At the end, we keep our hands,
our eyes, a smile, a few words,
a guitar, a sunset, a clean beach,
and the slow pace of joy.

Jeremias Soler

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