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Badly wounded by a deep blue

 "Nakedness is the most beautiful dress but..."

"...freedom is the best ideology"

Many years ago, I was badly wounded by a deep and bright blue; this light and the scent of pines and salt, beside the Mediterranean sea, touched my heart. I was decorated for my sevices with woods and oceans, just for loving their shape, their mood, their poem... Earth's soul decorated me, and the reward was an intense sense of hapiness. This hapiness walks with me when I'm in the heart of nature, but It also comes with me when I'm in the core of a big town or in an artificial environment, because our mind cant be encaged. I try to report on what I feel when I watch my homeland that is called wood, or my homeland called beach, or my homeland called mountain or lake or river or desert... Our homeland has an original face, an stamp, an ancient desing that has a strong relation with our brains. We belong to the landscape. The landscape has made us. If we destroy the image of the landscape we destroy a part of ourselves, our origin, our beloved mother. I resigned from the eagerness of amassing comforts, because the freedom that nature gives me is the sweetest treasure, the sketches of nature when It imagines our bodies, our skin, our lands... are the most beautiful pictures that anybody ever can see. I've resigned from the din of civilization to devote myself to the nature's sounds. I settled in the sand of a lonely shore, near the trees. 
Nature played  a valuable part in the formation of my ecological awareness when I was a child. I remember myself running almost naked surrounded by pines and oaks, or swimming in a clear and clean water. I enjoyed the great feast of the wood when it was raining and all the scents spread. I felt that rain converted the wood into a festival of soft lights and divine aromas. There's no use fighting for anything different to nature. Nature is our mother.
To all the post about Naturism


  1. This is a really beautiful article. Thank you for sharing such a sweet, humble piece.


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