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Badly wounded by a deep blue

"Nakedness is the most beautiful dress but..."
"...freedom is the best ideology"
Many years ago, I was badly wounded by a deep and bright blue; this light and the scent of pines and salt, beside the Mediterranean sea, touched my heart. I was decorated for my sevices with woods and oceans, just for loving their shape, their mood, their poem... Earth's soul decorated me, and the reward was an intense sense of hapiness. This hapiness walks with me when I'm in the heart of nature, but It also comes with me when I'm in the core of a big town or in an artificial environment, because our mind cant be encaged. I try to report on what I feel when I watch my homeland that is called wood, or my homeland called beach, or my homeland called mountain or lake or river or desert... Our homeland has an original face, an stamp, an ancient desing that has a strong relation with our brains. We belong to the landscape. The landscape has made us. If we destroy the image of the…

Dust of foam

In the wide light, bumping into waves,
water is burning, shining in blue,
earth's skin converting in man's skin,
as an alive brown flower in bloom.
The warm meat loves the grand bright sea, 
and the wind moans its deep truth.

I freely watch the far horizon,
breathing salted pure air
with dust of foam.
The ocean and I are oneness,
at once, and in an instant, that never finishes.
I'm only me and the sea, the sea and I,
when we live in the core of light, we fly,
inside the instant that grows and stays,
and eternally smiles and prays.
The rumble of the waves 
is the psalm of Earth.

Catalonia's people talked in the EU votes. Nothing can silence the voice of a nation that knows that is a nation.

Once again, yesterday, Catalonia's people talked in the EU votes. Yesterday, Catalonia voted to the parties that defend the celebration of a referendum to decide if Catalonia remains in Spain or if Catalonia turns into an independent state. In spite the strong and furious opposition of Spanish government, people have spoken, and people is the only legitimate power. More legitimate than the heritage of the kings, than traditions, than legality, than the army, than the violence. Nothing can silence the voice of a nation that knows that is a nation, and now Europe, and the world, knows what says this voice and which is its decision. 
Here you have the links to some international newspapers that reported on the EU votes in Catalonia:








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Sitges and "Artamore". Art and Beauty. Art and love.

Yesterday, we visited an artistic shop of Sitges that is on the one hand an Arts Gallery and by the other hand It is a shop too. Its name is “Artamore”. In Artamore you will find artistic handmade products, crafts, paintings, pottery, all sort of unique designs. With these products, the artists have explored all the possibilities of creativity. The customers can often find works made from reused or recycled materials, with a stamp of identity impregnated of beauty and originality that goes further than the products you can find in any other shop. Several artists periodically exhibit and offer their works in Artamore, so that the shop hasn't ever the same face. Artamore also offers the possibility of designing and producing personalized works, in the way the customer wants: presents for weddings, aniversaries, trade designs, products for corporations, etc.
You can visit their facebook:
and their web:
After our vi…

The wild sea of Trafalgar. The beauty of the nude light.

Sometimes in live, I have known people that don't understand how can I be impressed by that as a place, as a beach, as a shore, as a rough sea. But Trafalgar is a Cape full of deep sense. If you watch the deep blue of the sea, you know that below dark and rough waters, there are wrecks and treasures, perhaps the bones of the old sailors or the warriors who were killed in a terrible battle, perhaps the blood of many people that thought that were giving their lives for a homeland or a king. Trafalgar is the silence of words and the simphony of wind, the cold of ocean and the hot of sunrays. Some centuries ago, Trafalgar was a place for fighting and dying, today It is a place for singing, for swimming and sunbathing naked, for writting poetry, for thinking about the beauty of nature, for enjoying freedom and loneliness.  Trafalgar means a lot for those who see in the Earth the soul of the ancestors, for those who enjoy the deep power of the natural and virgin places. Sometimes, lying …

Let's go back to the time of love and flowers

When I was reading the book "Fiesta" of Hemingway (to improve my english writting) I discovered the expression "Let's go back" Then I put myself to learn the use and the meaning of this expression, and so I started to write phrases that contained "Let's go back". The result was this poem that talks about the peace and that feels a little bit of melancholy towards the times of love and flowers. Then I put music and saved it. I hope you like and you sing it; surely better than me.

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First light

Let's go back to the first light
when we enjoyed the being
dazzling shower of sun drops 
in a strange world of cold.

Our first sight, was a puzzle
all made of fear and hope
holy scents of bright mother
spreading always around.

Slowly, the mind awakes
understanding the unknown.
The unknown is all, and increases
the more we learn, more it grows.

It's a hard work, the long life,
growing till be a child,
we'll have had to burn much clothes,
a lot of empty gold gods.

One day we thought we were adults,
grand men or women, wise lords.
Strong Time’s hammer sculpted us
with a mysterious love.

At the end, we keep our hands,
our eyes, a smile, a few words,
a guitar, a sunset, a clean beach,
and the slow pace of joy.

Jeremias Soler

Sunset's land

In sunset's land,
where mountain gets in red and thyme presents its soul,
my name is uttered,
from wall of stone to wall of stone.
The night grows up
and stars tremble and shine, 
and scent of pines spreads around the sight
of sky dressed in blood and night.

And borns, the calm
as if the ethereal sea all made of dying light
flooded the space and land, 
as it embraced your skin and took up to the sky. 
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This weekend, Terrassa is a Modernist Town again.

Today and tomorrow, Terrassa celebrates its Modernist Fair. The people of the town get dressed in vintages clothes. Wherever you walk, you find expositions, gadgets, shows, performances, traditional trade, crafts... The city gets full of people as if it was the town's festival.  Terrassa has a lot of Modernist Houses, little palaces built in the style of Antoni Gaudi. One of the pupils of Gaudí was Lluís Muncunill, the Architect of the Masia Freixa, one of the most beautiful designs of the city.

Museu de la Ciència i Tècnica de Catalunya (Terrassa)

                                           Museu de la Ciència i Tècnica de Catalunya (Terrassa)

The orchesta sounds (II)

The orchestra sounds, the orchesta that celebrates the privilege. A man laughs and has a clown's nose, and children jump on sand dunes. The waves come and go while the sun is going down and dyes landscape in red. Someone is dying, but before leaving life, he dances with the person he love most. They follow the melody of a young man with dreadlocks that plays a guitar and sings  an old John Sebastian's song: "And then all that I know I've learned, assuming my kid. And all my deepest worries must be true historical cartoons..." And really they dance badly, but they know that the sweetest experiences in life are those we have not learned. Wherever someone walks, between the forest and the beach, he, or she, feels a mixture of scents, salt, pine, grass, algae ... And when you want, you can sit or walk.  And you think that the fact that you exist  is a good experience,  in spite that tomorrow  you will have gone away. . . To "The orchesta Sounds (I)" . . .

The orchesta sounds (I)

The orchestra sounds in these brief moments of joy that someone gives us. Few moments that stretch over the years and that get the nuances of the seasons, rain, sun, winds, heavy snow of beautiful winters. The orchestra sounds inside us, everytime stronger. Sometimes it is soft like a distant background. It is the soundtrack of a privilege. The privilege of existing beside the thorns that scratch our skin and the breeze that kisses this skin. This privilege is based on the fact of being, of feeling, of being alive,  of loving, of longing, of reasoning, of creating, of building, of producing happiness every day, in every bouquet of moments that existence gives us.
 The perception of privilege melts down the most powerfull chains. The most powerfull chains are the most easily fusible, and the most easily destroyable. We only need the awareness of being privileged ones. And we are privileged beings whatever happens. We are privileged because we have lived beside those who have sadly gone …

Spain is not U.K. And the President Rajoy is not David Cameron.

Spain is not U.K. And the President Rajoy is not David Cameron.  U.K. has accepted a referendum for Scotland, to decide if It remains in U.K.  Spain despises the will of the most of Catalan People. President Rajoy does not tell the truth when he says that the most of Catalonia doesn't want the referendum to decide if Catalonia goes on into Spanish state or if Catalonia turns into an independent state. President Rajoy should dominate maths. 87 deputies of a total number of 135 deputies, belong to parties that claim the referendum. This parties won the elections of the last 25th of November with this claim on their electoral programs. Last September 11th, more than two milions of persons went out to the roads and streets of Catalonia and built an human chain than was 400 quilometers long, from the northest point of Catalonia till the southest.  Catalonia is marching with the will full of joy, with a pacific mentality, with an open hand offered to Spain, with the democratics values in th…

The dark nights of the life.

Sometimes I feel that life winds and twists around me, 
like a rope that brings to live and tries to tie me.
I want to be reckless and transmit so much braveness as I can 
to my son and daughter.

In the dark nights of the life
I hear warblings and the wind's song
and my hypothetic braveness.
It is only a dress that covers my fear
because the beauty of the landscape 
asleep my mind with honey dreams and nude light.

I hatch my brood with my blindness
avoiding the images 
that destroy the core of my bones
and, as better I can, 
I sketch on my face 
something that seems a smile.
The enforced smile, then, 
turns into a sun's ray that appears after storm.

Those to come  deserve our love as we have deserved the love  of those that have gone away. Every voice singing from the deep of the heart springs an only poem, an unique piece that have ever yet been heard upon Earth. Our voice borns from the love that flows with our blood, inside us. Sometimes our love seems cold because It is free, but free love is perhap…