Friday, April 25, 2014

We believe in votes , but not in guns. Catalonia's path.

We believe in votes , but not in guns.
We believe in the will of the peoples, but not in the denial of the peoples.
We believe in the joy of learning different languages​​, but not in the destruction or in the contempt to the different languages ​​.
We live not only for money, but for culture, for poetry, for science, for freedom, for identity, for expressing and conserving our own label .
We believe in peace, but not in violence.
We believe in free speech , and so that, we think that nobody must end up in a jail only for his ideas or for trying to convince anyone to leave weapons .
We believe in respect, sanity and serenity when It's the time of resolving differences, we will never scorn or insult people who do not think like us.
We believe that each people have to decide whether It is or not a nation. And we think that every people has the right to reflect this in their laws, and to proclaim it from the rooftops. No other law can prevent it.
We believe we can use our language in any sphere: in the parliaments where our land participates, in the different parliaments of Europe, in the press, at schools, at universities, in news conferences.. We think that no enemy of culture can prevent the use of our language in the name of an ignorant and insensitive utilitarianism, or in the name of the hate the unknown.

And we believe that we will be always free, in spite anyone handcuff us, or spit us, because no one can imprison minds that know where is the reason , respect , common sense and civility .
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