Friday, April 18, 2014

Enjoying beauty and freedom.

My thoughts often turn to the land of my childhood. All was bigger, all was more mysterious. All was far. And perhaps... this is the right way of watching things, the right way of feeling, the objective way of measuring reality.

My thoughts often turn to the deep blue sea, with foam flashing under the sun. My mind feels the intense scent of salt, my skin perceives the sea's drops slipping down by my arms, my face, my legs... Thoreau usually said that if we can imagine then we will be ever free, because there's no jails strong enough to encage our thoughts. 

My thoughts often turn to a look that sometime someone threw over me, or a smile, or some words that someone said to me and that sounded as if these were a poem.

My thoughts often turn to memories of clear knowledges that suddenly appear on my mind, knowledges that mean hapiness, victory, tenderness, love, hope, life, optimism... Some times these knowledges run away. I forget them. Then, I try to remember again, but they don't return to me. I retain their peace, their taste, their light... then I catch a pen and I try to write some words that say a similar message; no the same message I heard, because I don't remember it, but some idea that sounds similar.

I realise that life is a gift, all in life is a gift. A free gift. An undeserved gift. Someone has decided to give us a present. If everybody knew this, human kind would be happier. We exist to be happy, and hapiness comes after a freedom life, a life untied of unfounded traditions, mores, manners, chains of a consumerist and lazy society, that amolds to what people always have done.

"Enjoying beauty" is the reward for people who have reached their mind's freedom; the key of hapiness. We must find our wild path between trees for walking towards freedom.

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