Saturday, April 19, 2014

Choose the best of life. Don't discover life in labels. Make that skin be a sense again.

They think it strange that I swim naked in the sea. But I think they must get over this fear, the fear to their natural image, the fear to feelings that their own image could produce on them. Those feelings... those sensations will be even stronger if they stay on their dark island of body's cage.
All I lack is a wilder Earth, a more natural landscape, a little of freedom to be naked from time to time, some friends to sing and enjoy life as life is. Life is as our mind is. If we live full of fears It is as we live in a jail, perhaps in the worst jail, the jail of our own mind. Life is too short to live in a jail. We must choose the best of life and live it. We must catch life with both hands, bravely, and to decide living life without bad willings, helping people, and being free.

At first, we think that all in life is ruled by labels. Labels seem to be guides for life, words that decide what life is, what existence is. We have dictionaries, and we think that dictionaries fix what life is; but dictionaries learn from existence too; they don't decide what existence is, they only try to explain what existence is, so that they never know the whole of life. Dictionaries are big books full of labels, and people sometimes think that life is only the reality we find on dictionaries. This is a tragic mistake. Nobody can encage life in a book, or in a list of labels. Realities are unique realities, each reality is different and only, each reality need its own label, and label is just a word.

The naked life in nature helps people to get out of their mind jail. At times people discover that all their skin is a whole sense, like a receptor of wind's caress. This sensations arouse ancient genetic memories of homeland's signs. And I say "Homeland", not as a country or nation but as a landscape, as an earth, as a land. Our true homeland are the woods, the sea, the shore line of beaches, the meadows, the wind, the rain, the sun... When we are naked we feel as if we were a part of this homeland. At other times, people realise that their nude body is a nice reality not because it obeys social canons but because they see themselves like they were for ever and ever, when human being evolved in this pretty Earth, our treasure.
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