Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Questions about existence.

La foradada, L'esquirol, Catalonia.
Can the unconscious natural laws be the cause of conscious beings? 
Can the random be the cause of order of beings? 
Can the natural laws of the universe and Earth produce a person without any deep junction between the natural laws and the biology and reality of persons? (sometimes I think that the Earth is an embryo) 
Can the energy be caused by none previous energy?
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Monday, April 28, 2014

At the top.

At the high red top
made of little stones,
the cold wind of North
blows its pure poem.
From the sun, it drinks
all the love it dreams.
Touches rocks and sings
an eternal tone.

At the hard red top,
water falls and glints,
as it runs away
down the paths that lead
to the secret stream
under deep dark trees.

In the pink where bees
lick their honey's juice,
all the stars have thought
from the night of space.
The most tiny verse
is chanted by sky.
The whole universe.

Beauty springs a name
that starts a clean light
in your lonely soul
shining in the night.

At the bright red top,
I can hear a child,
a laugh over Earth,
a landscape's smile,
all is made of life,

all is deep and kind.

                                         Jeremias Soler

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Friday, April 25, 2014

We believe in votes , but not in guns. Catalonia's path.

We believe in votes , but not in guns.
We believe in the will of the peoples, but not in the denial of the peoples.
We believe in the joy of learning different languages​​, but not in the destruction or in the contempt to the different languages ​​.
We live not only for money, but for culture, for poetry, for science, for freedom, for identity, for expressing and conserving our own label .
We believe in peace, but not in violence.
We believe in free speech , and so that, we think that nobody must end up in a jail only for his ideas or for trying to convince anyone to leave weapons .
We believe in respect, sanity and serenity when It's the time of resolving differences, we will never scorn or insult people who do not think like us.
We believe that each people have to decide whether It is or not a nation. And we think that every people has the right to reflect this in their laws, and to proclaim it from the rooftops. No other law can prevent it.
We believe we can use our language in any sphere: in the parliaments where our land participates, in the different parliaments of Europe, in the press, at schools, at universities, in news conferences.. We think that no enemy of culture can prevent the use of our language in the name of an ignorant and insensitive utilitarianism, or in the name of the hate the unknown.

And we believe that we will be always free, in spite anyone handcuff us, or spit us, because no one can imprison minds that know where is the reason , respect , common sense and civility .
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To my dear Scarlett...

Image of Gage Skidmore at the Wikipedia
Be not afraid of dazzled eyes
that throw their chains to trap your heart.
Unaware slaves of static labels
creep slowly at mud,
They embrace blindness
of light and smut.

To get you out of freedom's way,
they shout at once and point your skin
fearing the wonder forms that wind
shapes with its luck, its core, its blood.

The fashion bells ring like steel,
strident, shocking, cold, acute.
The sound of nature turned mute
as beauty's sorcerer speaks loud.

All that matters is freedom's mood.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Catalonia votes. http://www.cataloniavotes.eu/

This is a message from the President of my nation, Catalonia. 
People of Catalonia want to vote next november 9, but Spanish government don't allow this democratic right.
I invite you to hear him and to visit the web that explains the peaceful project of Catalan people:

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Choose the best of life. Don't discover life in labels. Make that skin be a sense again.

They think it strange that I swim naked in the sea. But I think they must get over this fear, the fear to their natural image, the fear to feelings that their own image could produce on them. Those feelings... those sensations will be even stronger if they stay on their dark island of body's cage.
All I lack is a wilder Earth, a more natural landscape, a little of freedom to be naked from time to time, some friends to sing and enjoy life as life is. Life is as our mind is. If we live full of fears It is as we live in a jail, perhaps in the worst jail, the jail of our own mind. Life is too short to live in a jail. We must choose the best of life and live it. We must catch life with both hands, bravely, and to decide living life without bad willings, helping people, and being free.

At first, we think that all in life is ruled by labels. Labels seem to be guides for life, words that decide what life is, what existence is. We have dictionaries, and we think that dictionaries fix what life is; but dictionaries learn from existence too; they don't decide what existence is, they only try to explain what existence is, so that they never know the whole of life. Dictionaries are big books full of labels, and people sometimes think that life is only the reality we find on dictionaries. This is a tragic mistake. Nobody can encage life in a book, or in a list of labels. Realities are unique realities, each reality is different and only, each reality need its own label, and label is just a word.

The naked life in nature helps people to get out of their mind jail. At times people discover that all their skin is a whole sense, like a receptor of wind's caress. This sensations arouse ancient genetic memories of homeland's signs. And I say "Homeland", not as a country or nation but as a landscape, as an earth, as a land. Our true homeland are the woods, the sea, the shore line of beaches, the meadows, the wind, the rain, the sun... When we are naked we feel as if we were a part of this homeland. At other times, people realise that their nude body is a nice reality not because it obeys social canons but because they see themselves like they were for ever and ever, when human being evolved in this pretty Earth, our treasure.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Enjoying beauty and freedom.

My thoughts often turn to the land of my childhood. All was bigger, all was more mysterious. All was far. And perhaps... this is the right way of watching things, the right way of feeling, the objective way of measuring reality.

My thoughts often turn to the deep blue sea, with foam flashing under the sun. My mind feels the intense scent of salt, my skin perceives the sea's drops slipping down by my arms, my face, my legs... Thoreau usually said that if we can imagine then we will be ever free, because there's no jails strong enough to encage our thoughts. 

My thoughts often turn to a look that sometime someone threw over me, or a smile, or some words that someone said to me and that sounded as if these were a poem.

My thoughts often turn to memories of clear knowledges that suddenly appear on my mind, knowledges that mean hapiness, victory, tenderness, love, hope, life, optimism... Some times these knowledges run away. I forget them. Then, I try to remember again, but they don't return to me. I retain their peace, their taste, their light... then I catch a pen and I try to write some words that say a similar message; no the same message I heard, because I don't remember it, but some idea that sounds similar.

I realise that life is a gift, all in life is a gift. A free gift. An undeserved gift. Someone has decided to give us a present. If everybody knew this, human kind would be happier. We exist to be happy, and hapiness comes after a freedom life, a life untied of unfounded traditions, mores, manners, chains of a consumerist and lazy society, that amolds to what people always have done.

"Enjoying beauty" is the reward for people who have reached their mind's freedom; the key of hapiness. We must find our wild path between trees for walking towards freedom.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We really are what we were when we were children.

Streets are full of clothing boutiques.
Tamed people enter in fashion traps, 
running after alluring baits.
They have been working all the week 
to reach the freedom 
of spending the whole weekend 
in the noisy shopping city, 
with its flashes and promises.

Women have been growing up,
and dreaming of a life like this. 
Men have been wishing this rythm of "being" 
for long years.
A whole week hearing the clang of the machines, 
perhaps smelling the deep pestilence of chemical products. 

A whole week, every week of the year, 
submerged in the sea of a competing life.
Where do we go? How are we? 
One could say that really this is all in life... 
but if you ask people if they are happy... 
they will smile and will look at you with sad eyes. 
"We do what we can" they'll say... 

They never take a shower in the rain. 
They never swim naked in the sea or in a river or a lake. 
They never jump in a puddle. 
They never walk without a direction watching the flashes of the water over the jet of a fountain. 
They never smell the soft scent of the old clothes, 
washed with the old home's soap. 
They look the ancient house of the grandparents but they don't see such a lot of love impregnated on the walls, 
on the curtains, on the carpets, on the doors, 
on the light that cross the old window crystals.
They never think of such a lot of love 
given by those who have left us. 
That love is still alive, and if we watch with our heart, 
we will be able to discover it 
in the silence of the old spaces that they inhabitated.

People don't know if they are happy. 
Probably, because they don't live as they really wish. 
The complex world of adults has manufactured our wishes. 
Our wishes are poor mirrors of empty values. 
We must discover on ourselves the original wishes 
of the time when we were children. 
We really are what we were when we were children. 
And we feel bad when we don't live like we really are. 
Someone or something, perhaps ourselves, lied us
and convinced us to sell our sacred treasure, 
a treasure of freedom and spontaneity. 
We must recover that treasure, the lost treasure of human kind. 
We must search happines on those realities 
that nobody can buy with money. 

We must sing without shame, 
we must sing without the poisoned wish for wealth and fame.
We must play with our sons and daughters. 
We must loose time enjoying life with natural realities we have so near, and so easily. 

We shouldn't be the sad and poor sheeps 
of the rich shepherds who direct people 
towards their material interests, 
walking to reach a life 
that walks far from natural treasures, 
very far from original human essence.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nakedness is a feast of water sun and family. The hidden core of human being.

Cala d'Oques. Naturist Beach of Hospitalet de l'Infant (Tarragona) (Catalonia)
You don't know about me if you haven't  watched starlight in the night, sitting in a meadow, surrounded by woods, near the sea.
Most of life is true. Most of life is good. Most of people are kind. Most of fates are free. 
People walk towards a future full of freedom and wisdom. The path will be hard, but at the end we'll find freedom. 
In the world, some people stole freedom. They hided their true core in a very secret place. They sold their souls for power and money. They think that the truth is a childish dream, and they smile as if they were the wisest persons in the world. But they are shit, only shit. Their proud is a shit. Their superb is a shit. They live as if they weren't human beings. They are always drunk. Drunk not by alcohol but by yearn of power and money. They don't live because they yearn power and money. They are always going after the future and loose the present time. Happiness is always in the present time.
I try to love for most of the day. But love is not a wish. When we love we don't think of us. Some people say that they love very much somebody because they need very much somebody... but if they say they need... it is because they think on themselves. They really watch the love as a need for themselves. And this is not love. Love means forget oneself and think of those people we love. Love is a path of one direction.

 I like nakedness as the sweetest dress I could wear, as the strongest union with wind, with sea's foam, with sun, with the Earth. I like nakedness as the most natural dress I ever could put on me. I like nakedness as the design that Earth thought for me. I am as I am because Nature is as it is. My design can't be improved with a dress because nature is the best designer and because I am a son of nature. Apples have emerged from Earth, and roses too, and carrots, and rosemary, and tomatoes... We have emerged from nature too... It means that there is a deep tie between nature and me, between nature and human beings.

I'm sad for people who confuse nakedness with sex. Nakedness is a pray, is a joy, is a feast of water sun and family. People who only see sex are very very very poor people...
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The existence of a free culture is not an attack to anybody nor anything. Freedom is a reality that enriches everybody. None belongs anyone.

There was a land where the light was soft. The sound of sea, sang beside the woods. This land spoke sweet like lullaby, the wills of hearts talked words of joy.

A land of children that still want to live. A land of swarthy hands taking hoes, and sweat on foreheads. Where the work is hard, but people walk towards freedom's times. Where hopeful crowds only wants to hear their voice expressing their liberty, their will deciding  what they want to be, as wind of northlands that I can hear closing my eyes and dreaming of peace. My smiling country again is free, only because Catalonia is walking towards its liberty.
 Today, Catalonia is explaining in Madrid's Congress that wants to be free. Catalonia, as any other culture in the world, wants the right to decide its future without violence, without wars, without slavery, without fears, without threats, without dictatorships, without fascism, without imposition. Catalonia's life isn't against anybody nor anything. The existence of a free culture is not an attack to anybody nor anything. Freedom is a reality that enriches everybody. None belongs anyone. 
Today, Madrid, will say "no", as It has always said. But Catalonia will continue walking, talking, explaining, progressing, advancing... 
Madrid's rulers will pass, one day they will go away... but then Catalonia still will walk, still will talk, still will go on... None can destroy a free culture. Any imposition will be won. Catalonia will go on walking. 
I ask people of good heart a wish, a pray, a word, a sight, a thought, a hand... All despised countries of the world deserve be free.

European politicians agree in Utrecht on the right of Catalonia to hold an independence referendum


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

My culture has the right to life.

  Catalan is an European language.

Catalan must be used in Europe like the other languages.

Six millions of persons speaks and feels life in catalan.

The Official Powers must stop despising to Catalan.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Freedom wings

I watch the red warm blood of sons of wood
that dreams a life of water, sun and mud
the songs beside the fire under sky
stars like candles, signs of brotherhood
I read this hope in golden words of love
made all of sweat, and hands and heart and work
of people that  for ever will be kings
without harsh crowns destroying freedom's wings.

Jeremias Soler

 Foremost, I wrote this poetry.
Then, I thought that It could be a song. I caught the guitar, I went to the kitchen, I accepted to sing bad, without worries about perfections or image, and I improvised the melody I felt while I read and sang these words. My video camera was on because my original idea was hear the song after the recording and to write it. This is a way of composing that I have put into practice some times.
The result is this that you can watch on video; It is not the best interpretation of my life, but It is unique, because is the recording of the song in the same time the song was composed. I hope you like.

Here you are the lyrics and Chords. In the video I put the nut in the sixth fret. I means that Do turn into #Fa, Sol into #Do, lam into #rem, etc. You can put the nut wherever you want.

This song is registered in some offices of author property, you can freely sing citing the author. Licence Creative Commons.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The naked God (II)

We paint the ceilings of cathedrals, palaces and museums. We fill the cities of lit towers (many times unnecessarily).
You paint the starry night sky, that points to paths in the infinite, and that brings us distant echoes of possible consciences.

We build mattresses, latex foam, and a lot of synthetic materials that some people are striving to turn into needs.
You give us the hidden comfort and the freshness of the sand on the beach at night.
We yearn amassing wealth.
You make the rain every season, and you make growing the grass of the meadows every day, and you moulder the grass that we try to amass.

We build clocks to capture time.
You give us the time to make us free.

We invent borders.
You give us an unique landscape, diverse, beautiful, spontaneous, a land that has caused us, a land that sustains us in life, a planet more powerful than us.

We cement nature, and turn it into plastic, or into slab, or into turret, or into tar, or into street, or into shopwindow, or into promenade, or into beach bar... and we think that with this actions we improve nature. We believe that with this course of action we turn nature into a more beautiful reality, into a more human reality.
You did nature as nature is. And nature, how it is, made us as we are.

We put tiles on the top of beaches. We bury sand's dunes. Sometimes, we encircled dunes with ropes or with wooden walkways. We do it for reassuring consciences or for decorating political programs. We delete the traces of ancient landscape, the landscape that was sculpted by the wind and the waves .
You did the sand dunes as beautiful as the breasts of the women, to perpetuate the cycle of life and sand. You have marked your stamp on sand's dunes.

We design and paint the flags. We distribute people by ideologies or classes. We invent enemies, and we define the opponents in detail.
You turn us into humans. You make us kids. One day, we grow and perhaps this is our biggest blunder.

We make dresses... golden, bright, elitist, and uniformizer ones...
You give us the bare skin, the most beautiful burst of light beneath the sun .

We demonize the breasts of women. We hide breasts with yearn, and we criticize women who bear discovered breasts.
You made the breast of the women as beautiful as the hills of the Sahara under the sun. You made breasts as mysterious as the life flowing from the Earth. You made breasts as dazzling as the clear waters of a creek. You made breasts as maternal as your love over us. You turned breasts into a lighthouse, into a metaphor of your love, into a food of life, into love's language... We have stigmatized breasts with the sign of the sin and scandal .

We invent you as if you were sweetened, sometimes avenger or vindictive. You manifest yourself as a free being, and carefree, rebellious, brutal, artist, mysterious, and above all loving.

You have commanded the slowness of the afternoon, the softness of the nap, the silence of the after lunch hour, that slows the day, and that gives us the pleasure of rediscovering ourselves, and the happiness of enjoying doing nothing.

We have sold the minutes. We have agreed a price for the time, including VAT, in order to be useful in the productive machinery that weaves the clothes that we use to dress God and to distort God.

We doubt ourselves. You trust us.
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