Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Your name in the Space...

From the sunset's sky, the wind has read a verse,
It sounded like an anthem of hapiness and life.
Existence has started the stars in univers,
and the darkness has died by a cold candles knive.
Mystery has sung your name in the space
And love has watched your eyes with a smile, face to face.
Because you're the knight of the freedom, and death
is not a fear for those who are living with the faith
on peace, on words, on people, on nakedness, on Earth.
For walking with a brave mind, there is only one place,
the land of those who feel as if they were a pure heart
of the street's simple people who work day after day,
of the children whose main will is playing freedom's game;
to be your friend, as clear as sun, without treasures or fame.

Somebody have the power, the money and the grey
speech of resignation, they only want to obey
hypocresy, ambition, streched golden belt ,
pressed clothes, jailed body, protocol, and fake
needs that money invented for turning into slave.
Somebody think that everybody will believe their lies.
But sunset's sky has drawn a word on the heaven's surface
it's only a word that when you born It wished be your name

A verse, a song, a dream, a hope, freedom, freedom, yes!  

Jeremias Soler
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