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Nudity is not promiscuity. Naturists are not swingers.

Many people confuse nudity with sexuality; but human sexuality is present in all parts of human body, not only in the covered areas.

In my case, I defend the exercise of a responsible sexuality within the family. I believe in freedom, of course, and everyone can do what he wants, but in my personal life, sexuality belongs to family; it is a matter of my wife and me. 
On the other hand, I think that a united family is the best place where children can grow up. I think that love should be present in all human relationships. When I say love, I mean really the love, empathy, will of good for people I love. Feeling is neither the cause nor the essence of love. Feeling is an usual result of love. But love is more than feeling . I can say that I love you  when I want all the good for you, in spite that the good for you doesn't mean a pleasure for me, in spite that the good for you means an effort for me.
I bathe naked on the beach, and I sunbathe naked, that's true... but I do not pretend that anybody look at me. I am not naked because I want somebody to look at me. My nudity has no sexual reasons. The concealment of the human body for centuries has caused that many people associate unconsciously nudity with sexuality. I personally think that constructive sexual relationships prioritize love and empathy over pleasure or enjoyment.
The net is full of people that confuse nudity with sexuality. These people make a bad advertising and they cause error and confusion.

We are naked in nature because this habit involves a special union with nature, with the sun, with wind, with sea, with sand. We are naked in nature because this practice allows our children to understand the human body as a natural reality, without any trauma and without erotic charge. Our daughters and sons learn the reality of the human body not as a sin or a shame, but as a natural and good reality. We are naked in nature because we like the natural aesthetic. We think that natural aesthetic is more beautiful than the aesthetic of manufactured clothes. We are naked in nature because we feel that nudity is an habit that fights against excessive consumerism of society. We are naked in nature because nudity is the dress that the Earth has decided for us when weather makes it possible.  

Naturists are not swingers, we are not liberals, we are not nude to search sex or excitation. Most of us believe in a responsible sexuality, in familiar values. Most of us proclaim the human values of love, empathy, respect, culture, tolerance, and peace... above ... any other material interest.

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  1. Muy bien dicho esto. Me hace pensar en algo que siempre he considerado un absurdo y en cierta forma, una muestra grande de hipocresía, por un lado que la gente en general, con variaciones regionales dependiendo del país de origen, normalmente consideren lo sexual y entiéndase esto como todo lo referente a nuestra sexualidad mental, física y conductual, como algo "pecaminoso" (sabemos el origen de todo lo considerado pecado) o "malo/criminal", aún cuando todos somos producto de los sexos, sexualidad y conducta sexual de nuestros padres y gracias a estos elementos creamos nueva vida que continúe con nuestra historia y, por otro lado, que en consecuencia de lo anterior, la mera insinuación de la existencia de órganos genitales en nuestros cuerpos sea vista con malos ojos, ni pensar en su exposición o revelación ante los desprotegidos ojos de "inocentes" espectadores, dada su función innegable en los procesos sexuales, pero "olvidan" todos que, desde la cabeza a los pies, todos usamos casi cada centímetro de piel, cada parte de nuestros cuerpos para estas mismas actividades cuando ocurren, por lo tanto deberíamos vivir escandalizados de la sola presencia de otro humano.
    La honestidad en cuanto a nuestros cuerpos, con todo lo que se incluye, desde nuestra forma y variabilidad, a sus mecanismos y funciones, debería ser siempre la mejor estrategia en la formación individual y social. Nuestro futuro nos lo agradecería al igual que el mundo del que actualmente tanto abusamos.


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