Sunday, March 2, 2014

Només hi ha premi. (There's only prize). A song that says that life (short or long) is a gift. When we leave this life, we always have the lived time; and so.. there's only prize.

A poem with music, 
or a song that wants to be a poem. I hope you like.
Només hi ha premi
Només hi ha premi,
en aquest joc difícil de ser i no ser,
només hi ha premi.
Ens és donat un temps d'amor,
guarnit amb pell amb sol i amb vent;
un cel atzur i un mar de llum,
la llibertat de viure nus;
amb un somriure fet d'arrels,
de bosc, de pedra, de rius del pur,
reflex d'un paisatge sublim;
aigua i perfum, perfum i brum;
només hi ha premi.

Només hi ha premi,
si algú et diu que l'adéu és fosc;
només hi ha premi.
Ningú no et castiga a morir,
t'han regalat el que has viscut,
cada bocí de temps sentit,
cada rialla, cada nit;
cada matí en què has somniat
mil camins nous per a estimar,
cada cançó de llibertat,
amb el teu gest agosarat;
Només hi ha premi.

Jeremias Soler

And this song in english means:

 There's only award 
in this difficult game of being and not being,
There's only prize. 
We are given a time of love, 
adorned with skin, with sun, and wind; 
an azure sky, and a sea of light, 
the freedom to live naked; 
with a smile made ​​of roots, 
of forest, of stone, of rivers, of the pure 
reflection of a sublime landscape; 
water and perfume, fragrance and roar of the waves; 
There's only prize. 

There's only award 

if someone tells you that the goodbye is dark; 
There's only prize. 
Nobody punishes you with the dead, 
All you have lived has been a present, 
every bit of sensed time 
every laugh, every night; 
every morning when you have dreamed 
thousand new paths to love, 
each song of freedom
with your bold gesture; 
there is only prize.

Now, if you want to sing, I put here the chords. You can transpoitting them if you wish or use a mobil nut (celleta in catalan, cejilla in spanish).


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  1. This song is great! I am listening to it the third time in a row, and I think I will do it at least one more time today. :)

  2. Thank you Kristy! I'm very happy for your words! Thank you very much!


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