Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mr President (Mr Director, Mr executive, Mr Teacher, Mr Doctor...) tear down this wall...

World is full of people that are too much occupied owning the world. They have no time to think about the right of people. They don't value the idea of justice. They say: "the world is an injust place, you should get used to this fact" and then, they go back to their main matter: to own the world.
I'm the president. I'm the most powerfull. I'm the leader of the world. This realities are useless if this powerfull person doesn't use his (or her) power to improve people's life. A powerfull person that works only for his own interest is an useless person. He one day will die, and he will discover himself with empty hands.
"I can't change the world", say many people, and therefore they don't change the world. If we don't try to improve the life of everybody, life hasn't sense.
For centuries we have belonged to violent nations that have humbled the world. The Spanish crown destroyed cultural values of the America that flourished before Colon's adventure, they thought that they had to convert indigenous to christianity and they believed that all about the life of indigenous was wild and pagan. Many american nations were destroyed. In north america there was the same problem with english and irish settlers and indigenous people of meadows and mountains. Around the world, slavery was an attractive business. In Barcelona many people won a lot of money, hunting persons in Africa to sell them in America later. Slavery was a legal business. Legality was blessed by religious powers. Legality was an absolute value. The idea of goodness or badness had to be tied with the legality of powerful people. The world changed slowly, but today world still languishes in an dark ocean of injustice and strategical interests. The old ideals of young people, quickly dissapear.

 I ask everybody to embrace the dream of changing world. If everyone changes his (or her) little part, everybody will be able to change the whole world. We must feel the feelings of the others, the feelings of the different people, the feelings of the different cultures, the feelings of the minorities, the hapiness of the little people. We must love the hapiness of the people who live far of us as good as we love the hapiness of people who live near of us.

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