Friday, March 7, 2014

Mr Obama, please, make no mistake.

Let me comment on this news:

If anyone had asked (before 1863) the president of USA the right of an slave to be free by his own decision, the president would have answered that this right was illegal. The president would have erred, because any law that forbid the right of a person to be free is a nule law.
Now, in 2014, the president Obama, and E.U. says that the referendum of Crimea is illegal. The president should recognise that any law that forbid the right of a culture to be free is a nule law. Democracy is more important than legality.

I ask to the president to put the true and the sense of freedom over the material or strategic interests. USA has been a country that has ever work for the freedom. In the name of this freedom I ask him the commitment of defend the right of any culture to decide its own future by democratic ways  and not by violence or war.

 People is more important than laws. I also hate the intolerance of russian government and its laws, but the referendum of Crimea is another question. We mustn't mix both matters. Crimea has the natural right to decide its future, and neither Russia, nor Ukraine should forbid them to vote.

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