Wednesday, March 12, 2014

People live on their smile. A radiant day in Cala Fonda.

Last 29 of june, was a radiant day in Cala Fonda. 
A concert that expressed the wish of Catalonia for deciding its future.
A day of freedom. 
A beach's day that broke protocols and artificial uniformity. 
A day of sun, of sea, of salt, of waves, of nakedness. 
A day of indescribable joy. A day when we reached the warmth that we had waited so long. 
A day that thieves and fascists never will understand, because they are obsessed with golf's holes and with elitist clubs, because they are making grow bank accounts, because they are negotiating with enemies of culture and Earth.
A day that perverts don't understand, because they only see a body where there is a person.
Yes. You. My friend. You that only watch bodies. You must know that inside a body there are feelings, consciousness, tenderness, friendship, light, nature light, personal and divine light. If you dare to discover the person, you will find a treasure infinitely more beautifull than any body.  You can't enjoy the realities you can't respect. Frequently, you look for a misery and loose a treasure. In the respect, and true love, you will find more freedom than in material pleasures. Life has sense when you look for the friendship of every person, a true friendship, without sexual or material interest. Freedom is a divine elixir when you love the souls of people more than the bodies of people. The most value of life is the deep will and love of people. People live on their feelings, on their smile, on their words, on they laugh... not in their bodies.
It was a day in which people that speculate with Earth will never understand, because they are cling with both hands to the chains that enslave them, because they are hypnotized. 
A day of light and fire, a day of sea's roar and freshness of glass water. 
A day of copper skin and bright flesh. 
A day of freedom. 

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