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The land of brave is the home of freedom too.

Because you let me go away,
I'm with you.
Because you hear my voice as my voice is,
I'm with you.
And when mountains tremble and all is grey,
when it's the time of going away,
perhaps with emptiness, 
or a strange loneliness,
I'm with you.

Because we're two,
I'm with you.
Because I have my word and you have yours,
I'm with you.
And when the deep blue light 
of a wild and free sea
calls us towards the horizon,
I'll sail with you 
on a bright crystal,
searching adventures and knowledges,
in a world of syrens and godesses,
where differences will be treasures,
and people will not fear strange sounds.
We'll walk together
by wide grounds of gardens 
and unlooked-for paths 
that change their sense 
with random script
written by magicians of old lost worlds
who know the human's core.

Because you're free, I'm with you. the land of brave is the home of freedom too. 

Jeremias Soler . . . . To the Shakira's post of yesterday... . . . .

Shakira has recorded a song in Catalan, and she has been insulted for this reason. Really, People who hates a language, also hates all the languages in the world.

Image of Georges Biard from Wikipedia

In Spain, international artists who decide to sing in catalan are despised by many narrow minded people. Shakira has recorded only one song in catalan in his new album, and she has received a lot of insults from many people that identify Spain only with Castilla.  Castilla is the spanish region that for centuries has dominated Spanish state, and that many times has cut or forbidden any culture different to castilian culture.  Catalonia, nowadays, is living a convulsed period, with attacks to its autonomy, with cuts in its decision-making in matters like education or taxes. Catalan people have chosen deputies that defend the right of Catalonia to decide its future. The big most of deputies of Catalan Parliament declared some months ago  that Catalonia is a sovereign people and that Catalonia has the right to decide its future like any other people in the world. Yesterday, The Spanish Constitutional Tribunal, rejected the words of Catalan Parliament, an…

Mediterranean temple, under the fire, hugging the wind.

A wooden path over the deep blue. The deep blue into my heart.  Blue and bright, blue and wide... sharp smell of salt Salt's wind, wet wind of summer, wet wind of sea. Salt on skin, sun on skin, pure sea's water on cupper skin, and the brown path meanders above sand. Sand of sun's fire, summer's fire, fire's light. Blue light of sea, Mediterranean temple, under the fire, hugging the wind,  adoring the wet breeze of water.
Naked soul that reflects existence's core. Naked skin that adores life's love. Naked mind that binds to Earth. Naked smile that softly sleeps and dreams. Dream that comes true. Mind on deep blue. My bare feet walking on hot sand. Summer's dreams. Eternal dreams. Intense salt's smell on my mind. Sea's kiss. Water's kiss.
Visual Images and felt words in the optional clothing beach of Roca Grossa Calella de la Costa (Catalonia)

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More about the land of crystal water.

Today I will write again about Cadaqués and Cap de Creus. Because this is a very beautiful place. As I said, that was the land of Dalí.  A land near the mediterranean sea, where water is clean like a crystal, forests arrive to the sea's waves, the wind smell salt, and many times we can hear the sound of the ancient sailor songs, and the sound of "Havaneres", the songs that sailors sung in the XIX century when they travelled to Cuba for trade or for the war. These are songs that fill hearts of nostalgy.  A land with a lot of little inlets, usually lonely inlets, where people can swim and sunbathe without clothes, freely. Some people say that this is the most beautiful land of the Earth. I don't know if this is the most beautiful land in the Earth, but I can tell you that the beauty of this country is so sublime like the lines of a nude body under the sun, like the reflex of cupper skin with the daylight.  Unfortunately, as I said too, an excessive amount of turists has s…

Catalonia. Wanting be. (Poetry)

. . . Where the thyme rules, and the rosemary, the sun spreads spears of fire from the wide blue and the bright foam, and hands on hands arise live castles of will and fight and love, skyward.
Where words are the only heavy weaponry, and core declaims the strong desire of walking free, of wanting be, despite of those who don't want see.
Where fairy mountains climb to clouds with the stone's fingers between woods and trouble waters banging cliffs that still endure in spite of coups.

Jeremias Soler
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Time sleeps on beach

Where the wind spreads deep scent of salt, sea's roaring song embrace the soaked instant. Water kisses my spirit through my skin and spouts a pure and blue poem about gods and sirens.
Nature brings to naught any sense of emptiness. The waves soul burns up shining like a live coal; trodden velvet's sand, beating heart of Earth,  warm shudder of love from my ancient mother. 
Brother of the woods, I enjoy the green light from the well-turned trees, standing on the shelving. They dance with the soft cadence of the breeze, whispering to stones amorous compliments.
Time sleeps on beach while the life is growing... 

Jeremias Soler
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Your name in the Space...

. . From the sunset's sky, the wind has read a verse, It sounded like an anthem of hapiness and life. Existence has started the stars in univers, and the darkness has died by a cold candles knive. Mystery has sung your name in the space And love has watched your eyes with a smile, face to face. Because you're the knight of the freedom, and death is not a fear for those who are living with the faith on peace, on words, on people, on nakedness, on Earth. For walking with a brave mind, there is only one place, the land of those who feel as if they were a pure heart of the street's simple people who work day after day, of the children whose main will is playing freedom's game; to be your friend, as clear as sun, without treasures or fame.
Somebody have the power, the money and the grey speech of resignation, they only want to obey hypocresy, ambition, streched golden belt , pressed clothes, jailed body, protocol, and fake needs that money invented for turning into slave. Somebody think…

Mr President (Mr Director, Mr executive, Mr Teacher, Mr Doctor...) tear down this wall...

World is full of people that are too much occupied owning the world. They have no time to think about the right of people. They don't value the idea of justice. They say: "the world is an injust place, you should get used to this fact" and then, they go back to their main matter: to own the world. I'm the president. I'm the most powerfull. I'm the leader of the world. This realities are useless if this powerfull person doesn't use his (or her) power to improve people's life. A powerfull person that works only for his own interest is an useless person. He one day will die, and he will discover himself with empty hands. "I can't change the world", say many people, and therefore they don't change the world. If we don't try to improve the life of everybody, life hasn't sense. For centuries we have belonged to violent nations that have humbled the world. The Spanish crown destroyed cultural values of the America that flourished befor…

Catalonia, do it!

When the warlords play chess people wants to live.

Warlords, destroy weapons, change your faces and your names, and watch the sea.   Sun is brighting and flashes us with waves,  all is full of light kisses for people in peace.
Warlords, look the smiles  of those who have never decided anything. They born in a land with forests and meadows. It sounds a soft song of wind between the tops. 
Warlords, you are poor and miserable men, deciding which love is good, and which love is bad. Earth made all the loves around the landscape, and you say that you own the wisdom to decide what is good and what is bad. 
You take your gun as if it was God, but you are empty and miserable blind men... One day, you'll die as everybody,  and you will be alone and poor, only with you.  You posses only what you are. You owe what you have.
In the land of tartars, thousands of hearts are living; simple monotony of the fight of every day: we want survive, we want to eat, we want to built a better world for children, as everywhere.
In a land as any land, people smil…

Mr Obama, please: democracy or legality in Catalonia? We want both.

Thomas Jefferson . . . Mr Obama, I keep thinking about your words about the referendum in Crimea, which in an indirect way, because they are different cases, affect to the situation of my country: Catalonia. I would like us to read together a brief passage from the United States Declaration of Independence.
Before, I want to ask myself why do powerfull people consider that legality is more important than democracy? George Washington chose democracy. George Washington disobeyed the english legality and worked for the freedom of the United States. If he had obey english legality, New York would be an important city of U.K. , and probably all american people would say "God Save the Queen!".
I wish a world where all the lands can freely choose their destiny, not by the war but by the votes and the democracy. All cultures in the world have the right to be free. Nowadays, we have human rights, the rights of everybody. We must also declare the rights of the cultures, the rights of nation…

People live on their smile. A radiant day in Cala Fonda.

Last 29 of june, was a radiant day in Cala Fonda.  A bright instants before the concert that we waited with longing of freedom A concert that expressed the wish of Catalonia for deciding its future. A day of freedom.  A beach's day that broke protocols and artificial uniformity.  A day of sun, of sea, of salt, of waves, of nakedness.  A day of indescribable joy. A day when we reached the warmth that we had waited so long.  A day that thieves and fascists never will understand, because they are obsessed with golf's holes and with elitist clubs, because they are making grow bank accounts, because they are negotiating with enemies of culture and Earth. A day that perverts don't understand, because they only see a body where there is a person. Yes. You. My friend. You that only watch bodies. You must know that inside a body there are feelings, consciousness, tenderness, friendship, light, nature light, personal and divine light. If you dare to discover the person, you will find a tre…

Neix l'atzar. (Random borns). A song about the sea, beside the sea.

) . . . Again, another sung song, or poem to be sung, or song that is a poem...  It was writen and sung beside Mediterranean Sea. If you like, you can sing it.

. . In English It would be:
Sand and fire, water and skin, salt and sea's roar, stone and light.
Sweet cradle near of the white where sea breaks, random borns random borns.
Summer's flower dances and laughs and the emerald color  has watched you. . . .*

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Mr Obama, please, make no mistake.

Let me comment on this news:
If anyone had asked (before 1863) the president of USA the right of an slave to be free by his own decision, the president would have answered that this right was illegal. The president would have erred, because any law that forbid the right of a person to be free is a nule law. Now, in 2014, the president Obama, and E.U. says that the referendum of Crimea is illegal. The president should recognise that any law that forbid the right of a culture to be free is a nule law. Democracy is more important than legality.
I ask to the president to put the true and the sense of freedom over the material or strategic interests. USA has been a country that has ever work for the freedom. In the name of this freedom I ask him the commitment of defend the right of any culture to decide its own future by democratic ways  and not by violence or war.
 People is more important than laws. I also hate the intolerance of russian governme…

I can only win

I didn't exist. And now, I am being. From this situation, I can only win. If I stop being I have all I have been. I didn't exist. And now, I am being. . . To all the poetry of this blog:
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Naturism .

Nudity is not promiscuity. Naturists are not swingers.

Many people confuse nudity with sexuality; but human sexuality is present in all parts of human body, not only in the covered areas.
In my case, I defend the exercise of a responsible sexuality within the family. I believe in freedom, of course, and everyone can do what he wants, but in my personal life, sexuality belongs to family; it is a matter of my wife and me.  On the other hand, I think that a united family is the best place where children can grow up. I think that love should be present in all human relationships. When I say love, I mean really the love, empathy, will of good for people I love. Feeling is neither the cause nor the essence of love. Feeling is an usual result of love. But love is more than feeling . I can say that I love you  when I want all the good for you, in spite that the good for you doesn't mean a pleasure for me, in spite that the good for you means an effort for me. I bathe naked on the beach, and I sunbathe naked, that's true... but I do not prete…

The death of the sun

The Helix nebula
Watching the "Helix" nebula,  I thought a poem about the place where a star borns  and the place where a star dies. . . . THE DEATH OF THE SUN
And inside where all is clear and the gold  melts, the foolish pride and the empty ego go away; bouquet of blue, incense of light, and taste of radiant origin, of fresh laughing.
Close by black throb of smoke, blood in orange of an inconspicuous god. Pond of blowup's water, glowing glimpse. The rose blooms within the universe.
Wheeze of time, and a sun has gone; screwed emptiness, and cold's forest; hop of miraculous spin, a game, a coup, a pry, a cry, a verse.
If it were just the vibration of the nothing, or the archaic book of the night's luminaries, the sweetest sketch would be the definite word, and the burdensome panting of the Sun that dies in bed.
If it were the tenderness of coldness, the answer to those eyes that look up, the space would be a word; the emptiness, an scent; the time, an eagerness; and the wind, a song.
Jeremias Soler . . . I…

Només hi ha premi. (There's only prize). A song that says that life (short or long) is a gift. When we leave this life, we always have the lived time; and so.. there's only prize.

A poem with music,  or a song that wants to be a poem. I hope you like. . . Només hi ha premi
. Només hi ha premi, en aquest joc difícil de ser i no ser, només hi ha premi. Ens és donat un temps d'amor, guarnit amb pell amb sol i amb vent; un cel atzur i un mar de llum, la llibertat de viure nus; amb un somriure fet d'arrels, de bosc, de pedra, de rius del pur, reflex d'un paisatge sublim; aigua i perfum, perfum i brum; només hi ha premi.
Només hi ha premi, si algú et diu que l'adéu és fosc; només hi ha premi. Ningú no et castiga a morir, t'han regalat el que has viscut, cada bocí de temps sentit, cada rialla, cada nit; cada matí en què has somniat mil camins nous per a estimar, cada cançó de llibertat, amb el teu gest agosarat; Només hi ha premi.

Jeremias Soler
And this song in english means:
There's only award 
in this difficult game of being and not being,
There's only prize. 
We are given a time of love, 
adorned with skin, with sun, and wind; 
an azure sky, and a sea of light, 
the freedom…