Sunday, February 23, 2014

We long for nature where our specie has evolved. Sant Llorenç del Munt (Catalonia).

We live in Terrassa (Catalonia), and we are fortunate for living fifteen kilometers far from wild nature. That is to say... we are lucky for living half an hour far from home. Because wild nature is our home.
The body that we have, and the mind that we have, have been made amid cliffs, caves, forests, streams, smells of thyme and rosemary, screams of all kinds of birds, the sound of wind at different times of the day, lights that mark the time of the day, cold, mugginess, damp and rains that indicate seasons and the cycles of the life. 
Two hundred years ago, we were separated from all these realities; our habitat. Now, we are confused, and we feel as orphans of something that we can't exactly identify. Most of Homo sapiens don't know that they yearn their home, because they have never been fully aware where is their home. They long for nature where their specie has evolved, and they don't know that they yearn nature. They live amid a restlessness that drives them to want more, to have more, to power more, to get more. They look for a happiness that they have only fifteen kilometers far ( at least, those who live in Terrassa). They confuse happiness with a material success, and they in no way accept the emptiness of this material success.

The post of today talks about a walk of 5 km in the midst of a land that has made us, that has breastfed us, that has pampered us, that has loved us... This land offers to host (at the end of our cicle) the matter who we are. This matter become part of other living beings.
 I'd like to show you some of the most beautifull landscapes of my little country: Catalonia.
In these images you can see the mountain of Sant Llorenç del Munt (Saint Lawrence). A Natural Park. You can see the mediterranean forest and the red conglomerate rock. 

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