Monday, February 10, 2014

Via Catalana. 400 km of human chain.

The last september 11th, in Catalonia, more than two millions of persons did an human chain that joined the most north catalan village with the most south catalan village, along the mediterranean coast line. 
With this chain we expressed our desire of being an independent State. We just ask, as a first step, the possibility of vote this matter. Till now, Spanish government deny us this right. They say that Spanish Constitution forbids this possibility. But Spanish Constitution was voted in a context of militar tension. Spanish people decided in 1978 between the Constitution or dark uncertainty of the early times after Franco. Constitution was written by seven men of different ideology, under invisible supervision of the army that was unquiet and wary due to new political changes in Spain. Just three years after, some generals of this army gave a coup. The coup did not succeed. But these facts show than the constitution was written in a very tense context. 
This constitution ignores sovereignty of nations that lie in spanish state. This nations can't decide its future. Their culture is subjected to contempt of Spanish Authority, that imposes castilian culture. Spain cuts, again and again, executive power of Catalan Government. Catalonia suffers a legal wall that Spain doesn't want to overthrow.

The chain of september 11th was a family feast. Parents, children, grandparents, friends... songs, dances, all in a pacific environment. Now, we must hope democratic sense of everybody to reach just what people want. 
National borders must be decided by people's wish and not by violence.
Europe must consider this matter as an internal European matter, because It's a matter of freedom and democracy. 

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