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The naked God (I)

Beauty is what God can't hide of himself in this strange game of becoming invisible while he waits us.
The True God has neither hells, nor tortures, nor demons biting the sore bodies of sinners, nor inquisitions, nor canon law, nor long treaties of liturgy and protocol, nor princes, nor kings , nor crowns, nor dresses of gold, nor plaster saints adorned with jewelry, nor candles begging desires of life and health, nor marital cancellations, nor humiliating confessions, nor counting of crimes and inmorality, nor censorship, nor censors, nor fear, nor terror, nor agonizing series of litanies, nor boring ceremonies of thirsty warriors of revenge and triumphs, nor cathedrals, nor palaces, nor clothing, nor money, nor countries, nor constitutions, nor rulers, nor fame, nor bursts of power and swagger, nor list of imperfections, nor flags of victory, nor banners, nor warrior goats, nor army, nor chosen people, nor sons tortured and sacrificed to redeem anything, nor holy wars, nor cassocks, nor habits, nor fasting, nor corporal punishment, nor penance, nor blood, nor violence, nor hatred...
The real God has children, and forests, and seas, and skies, and winds, and scenes full of inexplicable beauty that usually nobody sees. He has rain, and sun, and snow, and flashes of foam on the crest of million waves, and smiles, and stars, and planets, and different people... He has black sheeps, and white sheeps, and pink sheeps, and red sheeps, and flowers... He has strange flowers, and he also has banal and ordinary flowers. The Real God has made the eyes, and smiles, and buttocks, and breasts, and naked bodies, and sex with its passionate and beautiful sap, and the heterosexual desire, and the homosexual desire, and all natural desires. And the sanity, and reason, and conscience, and the ability to predict effects of actions, and love, and empathy, and long hair, and beards, and caves, and beaches, and volcanoes, and earthquakes, and death, and worm that turns into cocoon so that later becomes butterfly, and the twins who are very comfortable in the belly of his mother, and fearing their birth, because they think that the birth is the end... as... they have never seen the life after the birth they fear the birth. God has mothers, and fathers, and thunders, and lightning, and the beautiful ones, and the less beautiful ones, and the ability to capture beauty that is present everywhere, and sun,  and sons, and scenes, and daughters, and leaves in forests, and depths of the seas, and curves of human bodies, and chimpanzees, and Homo Neanderthal, and salt, and sand, and laughters, and sleep and water, and wheat, and olive, and flies, and bees, and donkeys, and grape juice, and a bunch of meadow flowers, and the old lady who scandalizes when reads this that I am writing, and the young man who meditates it and smiles, and the girl or the boy who read it and understand it, and the religious fundamentalist that registers me in his blacklist...

God has done everything as everything is, and not as we've invented. Sadly, human people still try to invent reality. 
We paint fantasy tissues on a reality that humiliates us or that frightens us. We try to cover it. We don't realize that this reality is more beautiful than the fantasy of the tissue. 
How beautiful the clay, and the body, and the thunder, and the night, and the sand! 
How beautiful the variegated range of hearts so different! 
That few straight lines! Not a single square, none rectangle, many points, many curvy lines, many provocative approaches to our limited invention of the world. 
God provokes to our aseptic consciences. Our consciences have been deformed in whitish convents, and they are away from the beauty of reality. 
Whenever we dress God, we are disfiguring a reality that is infinitely more beautiful than the the dress we put to God. Everytime we dress god, we are deforming a reality that is infinitely more true than the dress that we use to hide God.

Does someone dare to look God and the existence that he originated as this existence is?
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