Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The blood of what is free.

We have been too much time hiding
the sketch of what we were, 
of who we are.  
Crescent made in ground, 
with colours of the twilight and the sea. 
Warmth of the sun on the stone; 
stroke of life, 
a thousand years after a thousand years 
as if they were waves coming and going, 
just a moment stretching in the present. 

And now, and here, 
all things show themselves to everybody. 
Now, and here, 
all things disintegrate the poisonous smoke generated by the cold and black vacuum of ambitions. 

We have dreamed too long our return to home. 
All colors embrace us with blue kisses of sea. 
The song of God sails beyond the Mediterranean sea, 
seeking Ithaca. 
Sometimes, this song comes back, 
and the breath of what is beautiful greets us. 
The breath of what is beautiful 
is the blood of what is free. 
This breath lives just beneath our skin.

Images has been taken by Jeremias Soler in "La Musclera", naturist beach of Arenys de Mar (Catalonia)

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