Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stress Strike

Stress Strike

I warn fellow that I start an indefinite strike of worries and stress .
From now to... probably ever, due to the crisis and other stories, I will forbid myself any worry.
If I don't get what is required... then... I don't get what is required.
And if I have flaws, I have them.
I'll take care of life's issues, but I will not worry because of them. I will consider some of these issues as priorities; and I'll leave less important issues for later. Issues that are not a direct service to people are less important issues. Love is the most important issue. I will work as hard as I can, with effort, but I will not worry. I will priorize real service to people. I will leave bureaucratic tasks for later. If I don't do bureaucratic tasks, This will happen because I can't do them.
My family will be more important than bureaucracy. My life, your life, life of people... is more important than bureaucracy.

This indefinite strike of stress affects all areas of my life , not only professional areas. I forbid anxiety and worries. I proclaim in force tranquility and philosophy of concentrating on present.
If anyone (because of this strike) gets mad at me, he must think that it is a strike , and strikes always produce collateral damages. I promise that this damages will be tiny damages, because I will not abandone people.
If any distress or concern came into my life, I will face distress or concern. But if It happens, It will not happen because of my concerns.

If this policy implies an obstacle to my aspirations of professional success , social... I don't mind. The sun is still shining and It is beautiful , and often, when it rains, rainbow shines. Life is a privilege 

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