Thursday, February 20, 2014

Road Blues (short story)

Image from wikipedia. Creative Commons. Author: Averette

Jerry has never picked up a hitch-hiker so young.
-Where do you go?
-To California.
A swarm of freckles surround her nose. Her hair is red; her eyes are blue; her face, pale.
-What's your name?

They stop in a petrol station.
An old man approaches them.
-Do you go to the west? -he asks.
-To Sacramento. -Jerry answers.
-The motor coach has gone away without me, and I haven't enough money for the motel.

The Chevrolet runs along the desert road. Wind makes spin crowded branches, as if they were strange rolling balls. By nightfall, landscape becomes phosphorescent.
-What's your job, Jerry? –Eileen asks.
-I'm a manager.
-I'm an actress -she says.

Suddenly, the vault of sky gets in red-hot. The Wind stops. The Flatness is dyed in orange light.
-My God! –Eileen exclaims, gazing at horizon.
-Indescribable. -the old man adds.

They leave the car and walk into the desert. They sit on the ground. The old man takes out a mouth organ and plays a Willy Nelson's melody.
-I must confess one thing –Jerry says, scratching his head -. I've been untruthful. I've really lost my job. My wife has left me, and I don't know where I am going.
They all get silence.
-I haven't told the truth either -Eileen finally says -. I've run away from home.
-Well... in my case, my daughter has deserted me in the petrol station -the old man explains. His eyes are open as dishes.
Silence appears again. The situation is full of uncertainty. Then, suddenly, they start to laugh like sillies.
-And now...? –asks Jerry.
-Let's play another song... –says the old man.
Red light of sky is toning down. A deep nostalgia covers wilderness.

Jeremias Soler 
(Road Blues is a story from the book "10x10 microrelats" edited in catalan language by La Quàdriga)
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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Zaji z. To write in a language different to Catalan language is a challenge for me. I'm glad you like it.


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