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Recovering the lost innocence of nakedness.

Free nude beach of Tarragona (Catalonia)

 Sometimes in life, the time becomes present: deep present, just present. When It happens, we feel the whole universe; alive and burning univers inside the present time. When It happens, language can't describe this fenomen: there aren't enough words. When It happens, human consciousness feels plenitude.
There are a lot of ways to reach plenitude. Putting our naked body in touch with natural elements is one of those ways. Human specie has been nude for many years (200.000 years) in touch with air, water, and sun. Nowadays, some people think that naked human body means scandal, sin, indecency, ugliness, poverty, misery, dirtiness... But there is no manufactured dress more beatiful than a rose or a lily. In spite we used all the gold in the world to make that dress, we wouldn't achieve the beauty of those flowers.

If we prevent any person from seeing a rose during his whole life, when this person see accidentally a rose, he (or she) will watch the rose with fear, he will examine its thorns, he will not touch its petals for avoiding an urticaria. At the end, he will declare that the rose is an strange flower, dark, abrupt, too wild to be exhibited.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people that is troubled by their own being. Many people consider that their own body, and bodies of everybody, are enemies. They think that naked bodies are danger and ugly realities. Many people go to the forest and they tear off thorny plants, they pick up all the sharp stones, they destroy all the poisonous mushrooms... and, at the end... these people think that this way of action is a right behavior. They think, wrongly, that this action contribute to achieve a more beautiful world.

Our body is a natural book, the book of the nature. If we sentence this book to darkness, we will lose the poem that existence sings through this book. Our body is only one reality, an oneness. And when our body is naked, all the senses form just one sense. The only sense (formed by all the senses) perceives the harmony of nature. When It happens, we feel plenitude.

If we recover the serenity of nakedness, we will also recover the innocence that we lost when we started to wish for money, power, prestige, pride... Children lose their innocence when they start to worry about their possessions. They lose their innocence when they start to worry about what they have, instead of worrying about what they are. When they start to worry about what they show, instead of worrying about what they are. Being nude in nature means recovering the beloved childhood. Nakedness is like a sunlight which awake us from a nightmare; the nightmare of consumption's civilization; the nightmare of utilitarianism. Nakedness is a peaceful and liberating revolution against the chains of some people that consider their body as a dirty reality; a peaceful and liberating revolution against the imposition of fear's morality... against the unhealthy conception of the own being.

Being obliged to hide body is like a finger; a finger that point out a hidden reality; a finger that clamors for a contradiction: the hidden reality is scandalous and seductive, ugly and desirable, sinful and honourable... These contradictions go into subconscious as bad seeds, and bodies are converted into erotic objects.

The key to achieve dominion over instincts is not the concealment of human body, but its knowledge. When people hide body obsessively, then people increases their body's morbidness. When people learn to discover human body, when they realise that human body is a good and nice fruit of the nature, when they discover that human body is not necessarily an erotic object, then people have self-control and interior freedom. We must know truth and watch reality face to face, without fears, complexs or uncontrolled excitements... Then we will be free from body's fetishism

Sin is only in the eyes of some people that watch naked human bodies and they just see external reality through the lenses of their own interior fears and guilt complexes. They have suffered (unconsciously) a lot of years full of guilt complexes and repression: the mistake of condemning natural realities, of condemning a part of themselves; the mistake of not assuming a part of their reality.

There are some countries and cultures where the hands of the women, or the eyes of the women, have become reason for sexual excitement. The more we hide the human body, the more It becomes perturbing reality. Human spirituality needs to recover the lost ground of the body's beauty. Human spirituality must defeat the economic empire of pornography. Human spirituality must eliminate morbidness from human body, and It must contemplate the body as a natural reality.

Human body's beauty is a metaphor of the invisible reality that accompanies body. It is an ikon that point towards a more beautifull conscience. If we love the rose that we have left in a star, then all roses will recall us our beloved rose. Every human body will recall us human dignity if we achieve to recognize ( in everybody we see) a person that deserves to be loved.

Naturist nudism can be a vaccine against the use of human body as a consumption's product. Nudism can also be the breaking-off with the enforced aesthetic of the mass media... a breaking-off with the enforced aesthetic of tradition... a breaking-off with the enforced aesthetic of the dark past centuries. Naturist nudism allows us to recover  the natural aesthetic that has evolved in Earth since the beginning of time. When the human body is naked and free in the nature, beside the sea and the yellow sand, It shines as the most beautifull image in the whole universe, the most serene, the most elegant; at least in the mind of people who lives in harmony with nature. Naturist nudism allows us to enjoy the natural elements with all our senses, with all our skin. It allows that we fill us of wind, of sea, of sun, fully. It allows that we feel free and beautifull. It allows that we humbly accept the dress that the univers has sewed for us. It allows that we discover our companions, free of fears. It allows us to be accepted by companions as we really are. It allows us to be conscious of present time, and to live in the present time without longing for any future. It allows we educate our daughters and sons with the idea of freedom, free of fears, free of fetishism, free of disproportionate valuations of body's parts.

People who reject naturist nudism shouldn't condemn this reality without previous knowledge. Different people undress due to different reasons. Most of these reasons are healthy reasons. Perhaps some people who undress are victims of a lot of repressed years (people who search sexual excitement). But most of nude people, are honest persons, families, couples, friends... They search freedom, peace, nature, beauty, sun, sea, light... They want feel as a part of landscape. As Whalt Whitman said, when we are naked in nature, we are not visitors, we are part of the landscape.

Jeremias Soler
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  1. What a wonderful thesis of life! I could not add a word without spoiling it, beautifully written thank you. I have posted a link on my blog,

  2. This is a very well-written article. You put into words much of what I feel when I'm one with nature. Thank you, Jeremias. I also reposted this piece on my blog,

  3. Thank you for this great article. I would love to visit the beaches of Catalan.

  4. Thanks Carl Mario. Your words are as honey for me, because It's very difficult for me to write in english. I'm learning to express myself in english. I spend a funny time improving my english writting. I usually write in catalan. I have the wish of communicate to english readers my ideas and my literature.

  5. Thanks Happybare!
    I wish you come here to enjoy sun, sea and freedom...

  6. I am absolutely LOVIN' this! Thank-you.

  7. Thank you for you comment, Danielle. I'm glad you like it!

  8. This is excellent, I couldn't have said it better, Bravo!


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