Friday, February 21, 2014

I have dreamed

I have dreamed
a time of soft values as forest's scents, and summer evenings;
where the bread is bread, and smile are smiles without a mask on its face.
A time when people who is different, is just different, and nothing happens.
A time when if It rains, people dance under the water.

I have dreamed
a time full of liberating indifferences,
and no possessive love,
ideas that don't want to convince anybody,
political parties that don't covet win,
shepherds that don't purport to be obeyed
nor threaten those that are black.

I have dreamed
a time of parents who are at home,
of sons and daughters that aren't alone;
they are healthy, without sores in heart or in forehead.
A time of clear desires, with no corners nor edges
that kneels before empathy.
A time of doctrines that proclaim their own ignorance,
and violences that waive their brutal essence.

I have dreamed
a time without money or debts,
without obsessive possessions or endless ambitions;
a time when there is time,
a time when there are sunsets and skies in red,
and rosemary scattering aromas that nobody sells in a perfumery;
and the distant barking of a dog, and the pyrenees breeze kissing Montcau's top,
and the laughter of a girl,
and the first stars in the clean vault of sky.

I have dreamed
a night brighter than day, and a sea bluer than sky.
I have dreamed
a beach without greed's barriers,
a body without fetishes or interest's calculations,
eyes exuding innocence, and a day without schedules.
I've dreamed
an smarter and more open specie.

Jeremias Soler

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