Saturday, February 1, 2014

European countries

Nice naturist beach of Catalonia

I usually ask myself what an american person think about european countries. What Does an american man, or woman think about country's definition. Do they think that a country is the same than an state? Can they imagine that, in Europe, an state can own, inside of it, a lot of languages, a lot of cultures, a lot of nations?
European history is full of wars, king's and queen's marriages, tyrannical decisions... This sad phenomena have forced political situations that many times don't respect the free will of people; and free will of people is democracy's soul.

Catalonia, for example, my little nation, belongs, by now, to Spanish state. Nowadays, most of people of Catalonia wants a referendum to decide if Catalonia continuous in Spain or if Catalonia gets a free independent state. Spanish government prohibits referendum. Spanish government uses a particular interpretation of Sapnish Constitution to prevent six million of catalan persons from freedom and from the ability to decide. 

During the last centuries, Spain have been prohibiting, despising, stepping, destroying... the language and culture of catalonia. The mentality of Spain despised everything that was not Castilian. Castilla is the region that has appropriated the identity of Spain. Castilla has imposed, over the centuries, just castilian culture; other cultures and nations in spanish state have been relegated to a secondary position, and many times spanish government has tried to delete catalan culture. 

We might add to all this a strong tax collection. Money travel from Catalonia to Castilla, and very little money back to Catalonia. 

Catalonia people want decide, but they can't. So... we can say that there is a nation, right now, in Europe, that can't decide freely its future. 

I will often write about Catalonia in this blog. 


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