Saturday, February 8, 2014

Catalonia is a nation, and catalan is the language of Catalonia. All the nations need to speak in their heart's language.

Language is more than a simple instrument of comunication. Language is a face, an identity, a dress, sensibility's speaker, the heart's colour, the heart's song. If anybody despise language, it may be taken as certainty that he is despising identities, sensibilities, songs and images hidden in the deep of heart... He is despising people who talks that language.
It is the reason because we can't change our language when we speak with our son or daughter, or when we speak with people we love every day of our live. We can't disguise us when we talk our people, because it would be as if we lie.

Some people think that when catalan people speak in catalan they do it because they are rude and arrogant people. These persons can't understand that Catalonia is a nation, and that catalan is the language of Catalunya, and that all the nations need to speak in heart's language their people.

The song that you can hear in the video is a patriotic song of Catalonia. "El Cant de la Senyera". Few years ago, many people went to jail due to sing this song. 
Nowadays, Catalonia continuous her hard and hopeful path towards freedom.
To the post I wrote yesterday:
We must return to original nature. We must go back home

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