Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cala Fonda (or Waikiki). Those who love this land reach this land as this land is; and love this land, as this land is.

There aren't many places in Catalonia, that we can only reach after walking half an hour by a virginal forest. There aren't many places hided behind a virginal forest, with coves of crystalline water, far from any road or building.

 In Cala Fonda (or Waikiki) we find creeks surrounded by pine trees, beaches with cliffs hided by forest at the top.
Most of people who arribe to this beach don't use swimsuit, because this is a nature's temple.
I am pleased to discover that the fact of being in this beach works better than any anti-depressant pill. Nothing like get rid of clothes, forgetting the obsessive desire to go further in the frantic race for owning more possessions in this materialistic world. This place has the power to overcome evil wind that tries to seduce us and frighten us with the specter of poverty or social exclusion, just for not participating in this empty race.

Austerity is what we really need for not relying anymore on any economic success or any consumist ambition. We need reject the silver mirrors that the conquerors of the new civilization of the competition use to try to convince ourselves for renouncing to the wild life and to the free nature.

We do not need anything. We really need to have anything. We need to forget the made paths. We must protest against boardwalks that destroy forest's ground. We don't need paved accesses. Those who love this land reach this land as this land is; and love this land, as this land is.  We can't add anything more to improve this land, because nature is the best painter, and the best engineer. We can't do more than wind, we can't do more than sun, we can't do more than sea, we can't do more than universe and stars. Let's drop swimsuits, jackets, ties, combs and other synthetic products. Let's drop all the malignant viruses hidden in invisible needs.
  I invite you to visit this free nude beach of Catalonia. It has a family environment, with tolerance towards the human nature. We must respect its family character. We must have an attitude full of respect, and of course we must get near there with a naturist mentality.

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