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A naked person is not just a body. A naked person is a person.

One year ago, due to the withdrawal of the illegal ordinance that prohibited nudity in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the executive secretary of the Federation of entertainment and restaurants of Canary Islands said that It seems right that young and pretty people go nude to the beach; but he also said that It doesn't seem right that old and ugly people go nude to the beach. He said that vision of naked young people is never inmoral, whereas vision of old people with flabby meat hanging is inmoral.
I would like to comment on the nonsense that this man said.
I've always admired children's spontaneity. Children love their grandparents in spite of the wrinkled skin, in spite of trembling hands, in spite of drooling mouth, in spite of slurred speech...
Children see their grandparents as if they were the most wonderfull persons on Earth. Children's attitude is quite the opposite to Mister Secretary's attitude. It seems that when Mr Secretary watches people, he sees seductive bodies or repulsive bodies. When naturist people see a person, they see just a person, wether they are nude or clothed people, old or young, tin or fat.
Illegal ordinances of some councils aim to close human nakedness into ghetos, as if nakedness was contrary to humanity, as if nakedness hurt people. These ordinances are driven by ultra-religious and conservative lobbies. These lobbies infiltrate into councils towns and they try to put the tag "civic" over a medieval and obscurantist moral. This dark moral borns from the ignorance and the dogmatism of people that believe in hells and sins. Ignorance enslaves people and slows their evolution.
We don't need any regulating law. Common sense allows us to know the best places to enjoy nature on the way we like. Non written agreements, and landscape's power, make suitable to choose one or another place.
Freedom allows society to evolve towards a free and mature comprehension of nakedness; a non forced nor banned nakedness; a non imposed nor banned clothing. Clothing is a way of expression. Nakedness is also a way of expression and a way of relate with nature. People have the natural right of free expression. A mature nakedness borns from civic attitudes and from an education inspired in natural values. Ghetos, bills and repression make impossible any evolution. Society needs to evolve towards matureness and freedom. Society needs to reconcile with their own nature. The relation with nature is one of the lost treasures of human kind.

Some day, human kind will be free. It will be free from sexual valorations. It will be free from wrong actions of people who have been educated with repressive pedagogy. Repressed people are the best customers of pornography and the best users of promiscuity. People who attack nakedness don't combat inmorality, they convert the beautifull and innocent reality of human body into pornography.
In the words of Mr Secretary, we can discover what many people feel and think about their nudity. Most of the people have been educated in a repressive way. Tradition and obscurantism are invisible chains on human mind. We do things just because we have always done this things; and this things perhaps are like stones tied to our backs . Many times this stones are invisibles. We live locked in the invisible jail of our habits learned, and kidnapping is the worst kind of poverty.
We should not disturb by words like Mr Secretary's words. This words reveal an invisible mental distortion that many people suffer; people submerged in a society dominated by consumist and conservative habits. These habits have been designed and impulsed by medieval primitive religions. We must know this prejudices for thinking about strategies that can help society to be free. These strategies must illuminate the sad and mutilator education imposed for decades.

The background error of Mr Secretary is thinking that we are bound to please others with our appearance or style. It would still be worse thinking that others must change their style or appearance for liking to the majority of population, and to be faithful to the fees of the prevailing aesthetic. These are usually wrongful and artificial canons.
We must be who we truly are. We don't have to like everybody; but we do need to accept and respect all people. Freedom is the most important people's treasure. Our image belongs us; and it has to like ourselves. Everybody must feel good with their own image. Everybody need to garnish their bodies as they like. We are not required to change our aesthetic criteria for liking most people. It is not mandatory that we like style of the other people; but we must accept the people's right for choosing their aesthetic line and their way of dressing.

On the other hand, naturist people don't go to the beach to exhibit themselves. They don't go to the beach to be watched. They go to the beach to enjoy nature. They go to the beach to feel good with themselves, to hug wind, water and sun... with all skin. They go to the beach to get rid of any manufactured product. They go to the beach to reconnected with the old feelings of union with nature, to retreat from civilitation.

People who go to the beach without swimsuits, go there with body they have. This body can be perfect or imperfect, wrinkled or young, aesthetically commercial or aesthetically family, and It is always natural. Man or woman who is in the beach without any clothes, accepts the body he (or she) has, and he (or she) also accepts the body the others have. They accept the body the others have, not because Mr Secretary finds it beautiful, but because he (or she) accepts all the persons. They accept the body the others have, not because designers of canons finds it beautiful, but because he (or she) accept all people. People are the owners of their bodies. Person's bodies, and person's skins, are natural dresses made by nature. People who dress with their skin don't do this to impress nor seduce, but to enjoy nature.

An important sector of society closes the doors to opinions or experiences that deviate from social normality. It happens due to genetic and cultural reasons. If people had the courage to try different experiences (experiences that they don't do so because of a sense of shame or insecurity) they would discover new brothers and sisters whose names are “Earth” “Nature” “Sea” “Wind” “Forest”. They would discover the nature's aesthetic. Nature's aesthetic is very different to Hollywood's aesthetic. The nature's aesthetic is the aesthetic of the nature of Homo Sapiens. Nature's aesthetic is the aesthetic of Earth colours: green forest, blue sea, plumb water of a lake when It rains, cooper skins under the sun on a southern beach, with the curved lines that only the universe can invent.

Fetish slaves feel that there are only some beautiful realities: realities that cause them erection. By contrast, a lover of nature and nakedness, feels that all that nature has created is good and pretty: the wrinkled and twisted olive's trunk, the breasts of an old or young woman, the sincere smile of a child... everything is pretty and good.
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  1. Amen. An article like that deserves an award. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks Paul! Thanks Marcus! I'm glad you like it.

  3. I will re-post this far and wide, it is what needed to be said.

  4. Thanks Bruce! I'm happy for your words!


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