Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome to Nude Light!

I'm a man. I usually write.
I usually write in Catalan.
Catalan is an old and little language, of an old and little country: Catalunya.
In English, people, normaly say: “Catalonia”.
Catalunya belongs (by now) to Spanish State.
The most important town of Catalunya is Barcelona.

This blog wants to offer you some of my words.
I have an other blog, wich name is “Nuesa Literària”.
Nude Light wants to be a younger brother of Nuesa Literària.
Nude Light speaks in English.
Nude Light defend the light of nature; a nude light free of social prejudices, a light that illuminates the dark complexity of ambitions and human pride.
I hope you enjoy this blog.



  1. Catalunya mai ha estat un país. Ha estat un comtat. Formava part del Regne d'Aragó.

  2. Thanks for your comment anonymous friend. Country's definition is not related with political concepts but with cultural and identitary concepts.


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