Thursday, January 30, 2014

About freedom of people and countries.

Problems and conflicts are often a result of lack of tolerance.
Why don't we tolerate? Why don't we tolerate the affects and the identities of the other people? Why don't we tolerate the fate of the other people? Why don't we resolve differences through the ballot box, rather than imposing armored laws or military power?
We must tolerate. We must tolerate freedoms. We must tolerate and encourage people on avoiding dependency and slavery. If anyone depends on me , I'm not free , if I depend on anyone, I'm not free. We must walk towards personal fulfillment, and it means the victory of reaching a high degree of mature and independence. I want people who are with me be close to me because they want to be by my side. I dont want that they be close to me because of their dependency. Also, I want to be next to the other freely. I do not want to be next to each other because of my dependence on them. Countries must walk together because they inhabitants want to walk together, and not because a country depend on the other, due economic inequalities or different levels of development , nor by legal or military imposition.
Let's be mature. Lets be civic. Lets be free. We must love freedom and tolerance. We must have just one dogma: freedom and sanity. We must abandon the insensitivity towards national feelings of other people, because everyone should be respected.

We must solve conflicts using polls and voting. We shouldn't be fascists. We must be democrats. When someone is a fascist, everybody realises. When someone acts as a fascist, its country becomes a dictatorship.

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