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Educating means loving.

Educating means loving. In the hardest times of  winter, the grass grows under the drifting snow. Tenderness must also grow under a cape of discretion and good sense. But tenderness must exists, because tenderness means the highest plenitude of human being. As a teachers, we must offer tenderness besides austerity of feelings.  Educating means stopping, amazed, in front some deities who don't know they are deities, who ignore their greatness. Every day. Every hour. Educating means watching those that seem little, and realizing that those are great, big, immense. The job of educating is such a great privilege that it moves spontaneously towards the responsibility and respect.
What's going on when I work as a teacher? What's going on here? In fact, a teacher is only a guide. What really exists is the learning process. Pupil is the only one who really do something. He, or she, learns; takes a truth, an habit, an attittude... He or she takes out of his or her inner his or her re…

Interview to myself.

This is a practice of my learning english. I appreciate corrections.
1.- Tell me something you’re proud of.
I'm proud of nothing in my life. It would be better to say that I'm grateful. Yes... because all the things I have achieved come from the chance. I've had the opportunity of reaching many aims, a lot of objectives. I've had the tools, the means to get my wishes. I've had to strive to achieve what I have wanted, but... the capacity of striving is also a skill. This skill originates from genetic inheritance, from my parent's education, from the first childhood experiences... The ability of fighting, of working, of striving, of struggling... is a random inheritance.
-Yes… but… there are men and women that when they have the chance of achieving their aims… they don’t do… In this sense It would mean that people have merit or demerit according to their sloth or they effort… -But why are they sloth or industrious? Do they decide it? And if they decide it? Why do th…

I wish to live enough time as to be able to write words that might convince people that the most beautiful things are free.

This is a practice of my learning english. I appreciate corrections.

Sometimes I think I need more time, more years to live; I'm forty six years old and I'm learning to write english poetry. I'm smitten with this hobby. I feel inside a whole universe of deep thoughts. I love what I'm discovering. I feel also happy because some english-speaking like my poetry. Many times I think that my future lifetime is not long enough to write all the poetry I feel inside. I'm not speaking about quality but about passion, about feelings... about the greenery of the woods, about the scent of the salt's sea in shore.
I need more lifetime to improve my english, and to learn to put in a better way my fingers on the neck of the guitar, and to tidy up all my texts and publish them, as I did with my book about nudity, or with “The wind of the woods” or with my book about education. And I wish to work as a teacher longer than my lifetime. I wish to meet more persons along all my teachin…

Octavi Intente, a world of art and creation.

 I've found this vídeo in the YouTube's space of Artamore Sitges, an art shop of Sitges (Barcelona). This is a video that shows the work of the painter Octavi Intente. How does this Catalan artist work? How is the world he imagines? I invite you to discover a personal way of sailing the sea of creation. Are you used to foreseeable shapes? This artist is never foreseeable. From his mind, evolves a whole universe of surreal situations, of shocking characters, of amazing interpretations of the reality. In fact, Catalonia has always been a land of artists.  I'm not going to explain all about Octavi Intente;  you must discover him, you must enjoy his work. , , ,

To go out in the night.

. .
(This is a practice of my english classes) . . When I was in my twenties, I used to go out to discos with my friends. And I must admit that I used to go out, not because I liked it but because it was a way of living in society, a way of relating with girls, with friends, with diverse people in a more relaxed athmosphere than work's environment. Nowadays, I hardly ever go out in the night. Once or twice a year, mainly to go to the cinema, and to dinner with my wife. The reason of this austerity is that we have many difficulties to leave our son and our daughter with somebody who may look after them. But probably, if we had really wished to go out, we would have solved it. 
In fact, I have always thought that there are many others activities more interesting than going out in the darkness... than going into smoky and tight and noisy locals... than losing sleep... than being enforced to wake up late, and therefore losing wonderfull sun's hours of life and pure air. I think that the…

To clear out (Leave everything)

I'm going to get rid of my worries. 
I'm going to get rid of my fears.
I'm going to get rid of my boundaries
that doesn't allow me to reach my fate.

I want to get rid of the chains
that press my heart and tie my brain.
I want to get rid of the thoughts
that stick me and hit me without faith.

Heaps of junk inside my soul
must disappear with fire and light.

In the drawers of my inner home
only hope, only smiles.
I'm going to clear out the path
that I have to start freely under the sun
sorting out the array of instants
some in passion, some in fight.

I'm giving away myself with joy
working on me, I'm helping the world.
Throwing away the shit, I choose
a better pace and a sweeter world.
I ask you to take out all your rubbish
far away of your core.

Jeremias Soler.

Ok, Americans, now it's your time to help Catalonia. Here's how

I'm passing you a writting from the facebook space of "Americans for Catalonia":
Publicació de Americans for Catalonia. Thanks!

Catalonia. Human Towers.The "Minyons de Terrassa" get upload the "3 of 10" this morning.

In Catalonia, we do human towers, “castells”. The human towers are the result of the sum of many efforts. In the human towers, men and women apply efforts following an order, a plan, an strategy. Every arm is important, every leg is important. And men and women need to believe that the human tower will be lifted, that will reach its fulfillment, that the tower is rising . The members of the tower must be encouraged continuosly. They must encourage each other continuosly. The people are very important. The people who do support under the tower are essential. The tower can't ascend without the people below. When the tower is up, the most tiny child, who is in the top, raises his or her hand. At this moment, the tower is considered as uploaded. Then, the members start to download the tower. If they completely download the tower without the collapse, then the tower is considered “uploaded” and “downloaded”, this is the highest achievement. If the tower collapse during descent, then th…

November, 9. A thrilling and victorious day for Catalonia.

The crowds got close to the point of votation last sunday despite the prohibition. . . . Last sunday, november 9, we, the Catalans, experienced a thrilling and victorious day. Not even in the best dreams I could have imaginated so many people defying the prohibition of putting the vote in the urn. So many people, and so diverse people. Grandparents, young ones, grandsons pushing the wheelchairs of their grandparents, families, catalan speakers, castilian speakers, workers that had arrived from germany only to vote... Some people could not vote because their identity cards were expired, or because they didn't realise that the adress of their identity cards was different to the ellectoral college where they had gone to vote. I remember the case of a girl that had just arrived from germany to vote in Terrassa, and she could not vote because in her identity card there was the adress of Germany. Some old men left the ellectoral college in tears because they remembered the long decades of d…

The harassed Catalonia's consultation of november 9

The intimate and overwhelming satisfaction of shouting what we believe, what we love, what we think, what we wish. The identitary and essential decision of not shutting up not even when someone is threatening us with  flares of impotent and empty glances. The river's force, travelling towards the sea with all its natural and unstoppable power, deafening with the lofty stridor of the free water. The angry hoots of those who are willing to stop the forthright Earth's energy. The golden tremor of the vineyard's leaves in the hills, in an iniciatic autumn, like clandestine flags celebrating the people's victory, humble, stubborn, real, patient. The grandparents, the grandchildren, the armed wings with ballpens and paper sheets, and poems, and candles, and chants, and prayers... in a dark slavery's night hidden for decades. The slow crutch that advances towards the votation's institute, to say what the fascists said would be silence for ever, seventy five years ago. Not …

The Spanish Government is a black spot in the heart of the democratic Europe.

A black spot in the heart of the democratic Europe. An state that protects the dark protagonists of Franco's dictatorship. Argentina has asked the extradition of several ministers of Franco, and of some high-up VIP of the former regime, but the current spanish government systematically blocks the clarification of the facts, and prevents the extradition. There are many families who lost some members that were executed by Franco, and that were buried in the roadside ditches or in unknown fields or woods; the current government also hinders these families the search and the recovery of the bodies of their families. The Spanish Government also denies the plurinational character of Spanish State , and denies again and again the right of Catalonia to express the will of the people through a democratic consultation. The obsession of Spanish government of not allowing the votation makes an ass of itself. On the contrary, UK, with the Scotland referendum, gave a lesson of democracy and civ…

We will not retreat. (A letter to somebody)

You have in front of you the peaceful and strong step of the people who walk forward. We steadily take steps forward by the path of the international legality and the correct completion of the processes. You forbid the sidewalk; and we walk forward by the kerbstone. You forbid the road; and we will walk forward by the mountain path. Whatever it is what you forbid, we will find the door of the freedom, and your clumsy tantrum will not achieve the objectives of contempt. You can not stop a people who knows where it goes. You can not neglect the will of milions of people who know they are a nation. Your clumsy tantrum symbolizes the failure of intolerance. As Winston Churchill said: “The cause of freedom has in it a recuperative power and virtue which can draw from misfortune new hope and new strength”.  We will not retreat. You can come with your prohibitions, with the Constitutional Court invaded by individuals related to your party, with the ethernal no, and no, and no... as the only …

What is happening in Catalonia.

In 2010, a Spanish sentence cropped and diminished the Catalan Statute. The Catalan Statute had been voted by most of the Catalan people. This statute accepted the evidence that Catalonia was a nation, and also accepted the fact that this nation belonged to Spanish State. Several persons from Spain's hierarchy banned many of the articles of this statute. For instance, they prohibited the word “nation” for Catalonia and they removed other important points that were tied with the Catalonia's dignity and with their identity's signs. From that moment, Catalonia woke up from a relatively long time of resignation, and started a hard and persistent path to where the freedom and the autodetermination's right is.
We choose to go to the freedom's land, not because it is a land of material richness and economical power, but because it is the land of our soul, of our right of being a nation. We choose to go to the freedom's land because we want to be a free people, a people l…

Dialogue, democracy, peace, tolerance... This is the road.

This blog writes what many catalan people feel in their hearts. Probably, many Spanish people, beyond Catalonia, don't understand this feelings. There has been a deep and strong work of distortion in all over Spain for the last centuries. Spanish people, all the honest citizens, have been cheated for decades about the plurinational character of their state. They have been indoctrinated in the idea of a only Spain, of a uniform Spain, of a uniform and only nation. It must be hard to accept that the only nation that schoolmasters taught us for our tender years of childhood is really a big state made of many cultures, many nations, many peoples, fraternal nations, fraternal peoples... that for many years have grown together, sometimes due to the force of the weapons.  Milions of persons ignore the reality of Spain. The imposition of Castile has despised any other soul, shelving any other language at the corner of unimportant issues. The aversion to the non understood languages has su…

-"You can't" -says Spain.

. . . .  -“You can't” -says the Spanish authorities to the Catalan People.  ”You can't call yourself “nation” “You can't write on your laws that Catalonia is a nation” “You can't convoke any democratic consultation” “You can't decide the strategies of your education system” “You can't manage your taxes” “You can't decide the budgets of your country” “You can't be a country, only a part of a bigger country.” “You can't denounce the torturers and the executioners of the last dictatorship” “You can't have your own national soccer team, nor your own national selection in any sport”. “You can't propose your language as an official European language in the parliament of European Union.” “You can't use your language in the courts, in the police station, in the borders..." “You can't wave the flag of Catalonia in your ships and boats, vessels, frigates...” “You can't show the signs and the words of your country in your car's registration plate..…

The “others” are not bothers but brothers; brothers and sisters in this strange and beauteous existence.

Sometimes, life is unable to tell us why we feel as we missed some indeterminated thing. This misterious thing that we miss may be a reality that society has always stealing us. A swift ride may not be enough to understand the issue. We need a slow walk to contemplate the instant that we are living. We are often sucked by the black pipe of the productivity. The world convinces us to feel as we were bees chasing a happiness that we always seek in the future; in a future hive of honey. The modern world's priests of fashion and power with the dazzle of their clothes, and their cars, and their rings, and their snobs shapes... seem to grant us the privilege of imitating them. They assure us that our existence have only value if we live like them, if we seem to them. The secret of the power over the men and women of the world hides in the fear and in the lie. Therefor, those who aren't afraid become free, and those who don't believe all the mermaid's songs, become free too. The g…

The representants of the people of Catalonia decide to continue with the votation that Spanish Government has banned.

"We go ahead, and we do it together" 
Artur Mas, President of Catalonia . In this moments the representants of the people of Catalonia are proclaiming their will of walking towards the votation that Spain's government has banned.In this moments the representants of the people of Catalonia are proclaiming their will of walking towards the votation that Spain's government has banned. Please. Help! We need the words of all the democratic people of the world to convince Spanish government to permit that Catalan people can vote. The banned of Spanish Constitutional Court has no sense because the arguments that this court gave were political arguments and this Court only can proclame juridic arguments. Voting to know the opinion of a people never can be illegal. This was only a non binding votation to ask people if they wish to start a legal process in Spain to change constitution to allow that every land of Spain could vote to be in the Spanish state. Please help! Thanks! . . .To k…

For having a democracy (and in order to have a democracy), we need not only the compliance of the laws, we also need that these laws be democratic laws.

Yesterday, Spain, suffered a sad and deep democratic regression, or perhaps It showed that its democracy has the roots in the dark earth of the former dictatorial regime. What happened was that a non binding votation was forbidden to catalan people. A votation that only wanted to ask people about their wishes of starting a process to change the Constitution. For having a democracy, and in order to have a democracy, we need not only the compliance of the laws, we also need that these laws be democratic laws. If the Spanish Constitution doesn't allow a non binding votation to ask catalan people their will about the decission of starting a process to change this Constitution ( to start a legal process through legal state's mechanisms)... if this happens this fact means that this Constitution is not a democratic constitution. The idea that expresses that this constitution is not a democratic constitution is not a crazy idea. This Constitution was born in the first times after the …

Spain is not a real union if It doesn't accept the will of union of the nations that form it.

A bath in loch ness (Scotland)  with the Catalan Banner on hands. .
The  human maturity is a gift of all the persons who have learned to love; to love persons and peoples. The differences between the peoples, differences on languages, on views, on cultures... mean a richness from the point of view of mature people that have learned to love human kind and its diversity.  However, exists a sindrome, an illness of the souls, an animal pulsion, a bestial power that push the persons to hate those who are differents. Some people hate the peoples that, inside their same political state, use a different language, have a different style or culture or habits or laws or life's conception... This fact is really an illness, a shameful and ugly illness, an illness that has its roots on the ignorance and the chauvinism of a bad education, an education tied to the hate to all the ideas or realities that endanger the war's possessions of the political state. This is the drama of Catalonia, a natio…

Reasons why to vote YES for Scotish independence. (The view of a foreigner)

Only Scotland's people can decide their future, and I deeply want what Scotland's people decide, whatever this decission be. The only and real victory will be what people decide. However, despite I am not Scottish, and that I'm Catalan, from my far view,  I would humbly like to express to you, Scotland's people, my wishes of independence for you. But I want to insist in the fact that my wishes do not matter; the only important and essential issue is the opinion of Scotland's people. 
Why I think that the independence is the best future for Scotland?   
-... because, perhaps, one day, the government of UK may not be like the present UK's government, that is democratic and respectful. And  because perhaps, one day, a future UK's Prime Minister may not respect the right of Scottish people to be free, to have a parliament, to call themself “nation”... If Scotland gets its independence, this drama will never happen.
-...because, perhaps, one day, in a far future, S…

Edinburgh in the night.

Edinburgh in the night, and a explossion of light, with the stone of the fronts, drawing up smart lines  of the dreams and the drums, in the dark city's closes, while a fairy sings loud, and a lullaby sounds,  through a window in pale yellow candle of oil,   under the biggest moon beyond the fog it shines dress of colours and roses beside the freedom's minds where the great poet lies despite the time goes by. For a soul of his age he is pure like a child at the end of the days.
                                                Jeremias Soler

Letter to the world in the national day of Catalonia (September, 11th) We are made of ten thousand bloods, we are not a race, we are a soul, and this is your land, because our doors are open.

The people, Catalonia's persons, their dreams, their decisions, their hope... don't belong to Spain. What people is, what people want, what people love... doesn't belong to Spain. The value of every person of Catalonia, his natural right to opine about the future of his country, about his language, about his education... doesn't belong to Spain. This Thursday, september 11th, Catalonia celebrates its national day. In this day, three hundred years before, the army of the king of Spain, Phillip V, destroyed the city of Barcelona and killed its main defendants and many of its citizens. From that moment, Spain banned the use of catalan language, enforcing spanish language in oficial life, and abolished the government of catalan nation, initiating a plan to delete Catalonia from the set of the world's nations. Someone could find strange that Catalonia celebrates its national day in the date of a defeat, but we celebrate that despite defeating we are still alive, we are s…