Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The leaves that fall.

Green and red twilight 
during the last instants of the day.
I know where my ashes will rest;
beside the roots, wallowing into the mud,
swallowing drops of life and breath.

This will is not an attack or a despise,
but the true wish of a dying soul.
I don't want dogmas of tortures and redemptions,
just the love and the bless of an awesome Earth.
People who love me know 
where my ashes will rest,
and this yearning is not an incitement 
or a provocation.
A little part of me, 
clean and mineral,
will symbolize what I will have been,
what I will have loved.
But my mind will stay 
with those who I love,
for ever and ever. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Our main God

There will come back the leprechauns,
the fairies rings, the Morrigan,
beyond the hills, under the clouds,
when rain is back and dew is pure,
we will recover the freedom’s pace,
without the death’s machines of fear.
Our god is green and made of land;
I’ve seen its face in every man,
in every woman, in every child,
in every song, in every smile.
Above the homeland of my soul,
we’ll worship life deeply again,
and we’ll proclaim that every person
is our main God and our main chant.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


There are songs that have a strange power inside. These are songs who hide the secret of the human core. When I hear them, and when at once I see the face of some young people, I understand that all is for good, that the future will bring us a victory, and that this victory will be for everybody; even the lost sons and daughters of the darkness will reach this victory.
We are all like children fumble along a bit, through the night, and we all need a true and deep love, further than the poor empire of sensations and pulses. We are all children of the existence and we deeply need each other. 
We arrive to the Earth with our heart full of treasures. A little bit of the wisdom of the world whence we come keeps inside us when we arrive. Year after year, human society beats this treasure and turn us into beasts. We usually come from universe understanding all we need to understand. But a strange seed that we have in the blood of our veins compells us to change, and to be less than we are.
So... we have a lot to learn from children; they still have these answers, they still keep the warmness of the hands of the mistery that thought of us and did us. 

Friday, September 23, 2016


When I was born, they had already decided how I should be, what I must do, what I had to believe, how I was going to dress, to speak, to smile, to walk, to look... They designed a world to turn me into a sheep, a good and obedient sheep, a beautiful and traditional sheep. They drafted glorious declarations of honour and dignity to dress up the slavery in which all the sheeps were going to live. The sheeps were born, grew up, worked, married, had children, got old and finally died. The sheeps only thought to unwind from their tedious lives. Their thoughts were tolerated if they were silent and quiet. The sheeps were allowed to enjoy culture and arts if they priorized the needs of the productive system. There were big stadiums where the sheeps were able to shout and scream like crazy beings to unwind from their apparent empty lives.
Sometimes some sheeps were different. Sometimes some sheeps were black. Sometimes some sheeps were not like they were supposed to be. Everybody needs a little bit of freedom sometimes, but some sheeps need to be free always. The rulers of the society said that those sheeps were like cancerous cells, because society needs the self-deny of every sheep to achieve greater goals, but those sheeps said that they were no tools of a greater being but already great beings. They said that every sheep is a goal itself, and that nobody should treat any sheep as if it was a cell or a tool. These sheeps lived trying to do what they liked to do, and... even though they tried to earn a livelihood for their children and to improve their world... they also said that they had been born to be free and to create.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It is as if it was necessary not to be humans to be survivours

While I was sweeping my room, they built a wall in Calais. While I was singing at home, they decided to lock the door of Europe. While I was growing up, they prepared the new Europe made of concret and iron. While I was dreaming of a white christmas, they managed to turn Christmas time into the most lucrative trade It has ever existed. While they were teaching me to be obedient, I started to be blind. While they were scaring me by talking to me about hells and devils, I started to be a slave. While they were designing the main lines of the educational system, I became a product of their civilitation. And again, while I was sweeping my room, they arised a concret's wall in Tijuana, in Ceuta, in Greece... May be its because we priorize the shine of our houses that the walls are arising all over the world.
-You are a ripping citizen, because you work in a bank -he told me. And I believed in him. But while I was being happy by working in a bank, some people were losing their houses because they had believed in banks. Some people had been growing up with the credo I had learnt too: being obedient, being scared by hells and devils, being a cute slave of my perfect world, being a perfect product of this civilitation... And all of them, like me, had been arising the sad world of the walls and the iron.

When someone talks to my daughter, she demurres, because she is a shy girl, and because she has a special hint to sort people. Sometimes I wonder why we lose our childish gifts. It is as if we got sick by developing our animal pulses. It is as if we got mad by being adults. It is as if it was necessary not to be humans to be survivours. The eyes of children are so clear! They may be hard, or sored, or upset, or even violent... but these eyes expresses what there is in their heart. May be, they would arise a wall or a jail or a killing machine... but if they understood the bad core of their acts, they would cry and cry... and would change. Adults would hardly do it.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Children know that the only good attitude in learning process is not fearing of making oneself ridiculous.

Some people think that all in life is a competition. For instance, when they are drawing or painting, they always compare themselves with the great masters of painting, and many times they feel themselves as losers. And when other people are drawing, (and mostly the other people don't draw as good as them) they compare these other people with the great masters of painting too, and most times they criticize them and tell them to drop this hobby because they say they make themselves ridiculous.
People that despise those who are not genius can't assume the painting or any other hobby just as a pleasure, or just as a way of enjoying... or expressing oneself... or being in life. They think that all the people have the same sense of ridiculous they have, because they consider that all the things we decide to do in life must be tools to win, to beat, to look, to captivate, to dazzle... They live as if life was a showcase where the genius should be contemplated and admired, and they think that people who are not genious should hide their works in a drawer to not make themselves ridiculous.
This attitude shows a deep and strong self-worship, because they dream about hovering over people, and therefore they criticize those ones who dare to show they works. They feel the works of the other people as threats. They feel that the people who enjoy practising the same hobby than them are competitors or opponents, and first of all, they despise and compel them to drop their hobby to feel safer.
But life is a learning process, and children know that the only good attitude in learning process is not fearing ridiculous, and daring to show and to enjoy our works and our progress. No child feels bad when he or she makes a mistake in his or her first words. And he or she hasn't even learnt to read or write yet. Life is too short to be shy or to be slave of our fears, or even worse... to be slave of the fear to make oneself ridiculous. If we fear, we are not free. If a little child feared to start to speak, he would never start to speak. Life is too short to listen to those who think than life is a competition and a fight to dominate or being dominated.
Anyone is capable of anything, if he or she dares to chase his or her dreams, and if he or she spares no effort to fight against his or her own despondency, and if he or she specially does their hobby to enjoy and not to be conceited.However, it's not always that easy to ignore the harsh words of those who despise our work and our happiness; but, if we want to be free, we must forget them and their poor words. They usually are envious and jealous, and they know it. They know their own weakness and they feel sad for it. The attack is the way they try to compensate their painfull feeling. Their mainly envy our freedom and our happiness.
On the other hand, there always will be harsh people, moron, unsensitive, intolerant... Bring it on! But our life is ours, and we must be free. At long last, some sweet and foolish things make our life worth, the simple and foolish daily things that bring back magic to us. No matter if we are not the best painters, the best writters, the best singers or actors... We must paint, write, sing, play, have a bath in a lost corner of the nature (like you can see above in the photo)... The life is made of all the foolish things that make us happy.

So... go ahead!   

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My first song of this summer.

I made this song few days ago. 
It would be what the wind would say to the human being if he could.
I decided to sing it in the nature even though the quality of the sound is not as good as it would be indoor. But I think it is more natural.

of the foam on the deep blue sea.
This white taken by the power
of the pure and clean wind's blowing.
This wind that is «in love».

The Wind stops and then moves again.
It dies and then it is alive again.
It arrives to mainland and laughs
when it sees the golden wisps of hair of the children.

Human being!
When did you learn to read and understand
the pines dance of the paradise?

You are really you!

You're good looking!
You were drawn through the bright line
that the Earth usually sketches.

Your skin is the dress that nature gave you.
I ruffle your salty hair.
And I realize you're wind as I am.

You are really you!

You're crazy, human being!
Why do you sell such a lot of hapiness?
You were snatched from the forests and the Earth,
and now you pursues emptiness.

You say you are already an adult,
and you ask me to silence my singing.

The day I silence it, I will die...
I'm the wind and I love the Sun.

Human being!
When did you learn to forget the pines dance of the paradise?

You are not really you.

Here you are!
Take my wings and fly to the stars.
You just need to leave all the weight.
I ruffle your salty hair.
And I realize you're wind as I am.

You are really you!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The love I will have given... The smiles I will have achieved... The time I wil have shared...

Death always looks so bad! And losing dear people is sad, indeed! Specially when they go too young. We can try to avoid the sad face of death, but we should try to watch further, and accept the natural rules of game. The death that we have to understand is the natural death, not the unfair death of wars or hates, nor the unsuitable death of young people. We are not going to be friends of the cruel deaths of so many people who pass away out of line. We have to work for a world without the unbearable deaths of those who should be still alive.
But the quiet death of old and illl people even seem down right friendly sometime; a death at the end of the life when the wisdom of a deep lifelong has been transmited to all the people that he or she loves.
In the beginning, death, whenever it comes, just shows its ugly face, until you get to know it a little bit better. But nobody likely would be able to born (future babies) if those who are alive never died, and human species would not keep evolving if individuals didn't die; there's no evolution without death. And even though it seems that the evolution of species has stopped, it is really still working. We have to fight to achieve that this evolution works in the direction of a human being with more empathy and kindness.
We appeared just for a little while, so... the best thing we can do is smiling. Life is so short than we can't waste our time not loving. Life is so precious than we can't waste our time not loving. The fact of the death should compels us to live as if every day was the last one. There no use enjoying selfish pleasures if this pleasures don't allow to share happiness with the people we love. We have been alone all the eternity, and maybe we will be alone all the eternity after our death; in fact, we really don't know. A writer said once that life is the vacations of the death, so... we should afford this vacations to do what we will not be able to do during the eternity. And the evil is always a dark side that gives us a painful and heavy sense. We must not waste our vacations acting as if people had no a heart. We must feel the feelings of the people as if those feelings were ours. The idea of the death should help us to deeply live.
Many times we have to tell our life:
-Don't lie to me... You will vanish. All is provisional. I'm not going to take richness away, nor power, nor prestige... However, I will take all the good times beside the people I will have loved, the love I will have given, the smiles I will have achieved, the time I wil have shared... You, life, will vanish... and when you vanish, I will take my treasures away.   

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How many sunsets have you watched in your life? How many times have you played in the mud?

 I've been living in this planet for forty seven years, almost forty eight, and all this time I have been enjoying the beauty of the little things. Right across town, beyond the green hills, near the sea, or even in the darkness of a room... I've been discovering new images as if they were new continents.
Everybody seeks a way of living, and when anyone speaks about «the way of living», he or she is really talking about the way of surviving. No one understands life as a chance to enjoy, to create, to learn, to try, to play, to share, and specially to be free.
-What do you do in life? -someone asks somebody.
-I'm running the feedstore.
-Oh very good! You're a lucky man.
No one asks about happiness or goals or poetry or hope.
Once, I made a decission, an essential decission. This decission was not allowing anybody to make me believe in groundless ideas, in groundless morality, in any unjustified dogma. Human world is full of believes that are really chains; chains that immobilize not only the bodies but also the minds, the vital decissions, the way of living; invisible chains made by some old traditions, by fashion, by morons with power, by the bad education of the consumistic society.
This is the only way to be free: not believing in any idea, but deeply believe in the nature's beauty.
Of course, everybody finds himself living in a cage sometime, because we are born in this human world, so we are born inside the cage. However, we have to afford the chance of getting out of this cage, because our life is all we have, and it is even more important than our survival.
Maybe we even have to change not only the traditional core of the life but the old ways too. And society will have concerns about us being free, being diferent, because our attitude will make evident the boring way of life of the society. Many times the tedious pace will be hidden in the frantic goals, in the hurry of the life, in the momentary escapes, in the sweet opium of the possessions, in the obsessive chasing of the short time of the vacations as if they were the reason why people work during the whole year. But life is the hostess of ours, and as a good hostess it takes care of its guests. Life calls us in the middle of our daily lives; sometimes this call is a feeling, another times it is a dream, a poem, a hint... Now and then, life talks to us and if we are awake, we hear it.
We all live to live, and sometime, all of a suden, through this life and its normality, we are about to find and answer. Where is this answer coming from? From the very life, from the nature. This answer arrives without a previous question. This answer is not a matter of the religions. This answer is our own way of being, our identity, our actual name, and this answer is only heard by us.
-Why don't you all take your sits? -the Life asks -. Your answer is about to be served. Stop chasing smoke! Stop suffering! Stop hurrying! Every day, there's a sunset; and every day, sunset is different. And you will die. In fact, you are dying. How many sunsets have you watched in your life? And when you watched a sunset... How many times were you talking about any matter and forgetting the sunset you had in front of your eyes? How many times have you played with the mud? You are going to die. Have you ever been yourself?  

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Poor human being

He plays to be an angel,
and thinks he really is,
but he is just a little puppet,
slave and full of bliss.
His happiness is light dust
flying in the wind;
a mirage in his poor mind
of tribal steam.
Nasty blows of hazing,
dressed up in peace,
under bright appearances,
he stings like a bee.
He works just for his swarm
According a main wish
the will of the thin strings
that move the puppet's swing.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nudeness and teenagers

Maybe it's because I'm a father of a teenager that I deeply know the mind's attitude of the teenagers who live in a nudist environment during the summer. I'm grateful to nature powers for the gift of not living chained to any social taboo, and the chance to teach my children to love wild nature, starting with their own body and mind.
The teenagers of this environments are 12, 13, 14... until 17 years old. In these places that people call «naturist», nudeness is not tied to eroticism, but rooted in a natural, familiar and friendly, sense. These characteristic produces a feeling of calm and normality. Adults and children are usually always naked, however sometimes teenagers put a swimsuit on, or take a swimsuit off, when they want. They like often change their image, and by their view, clothing is not a way of hiding their bodies but a tool that they use to adapt their image to what they feel in every moment. They usually strip to swim, play with the waves, sunbath, walk along the beach, but they put their swimsuit on when they want to play volleyball.
Campings make possible a deep friendship between young ones of different cultures, languages, styles... Girls and boys, Catalan, Navarrese, German, French, Dutch... spend hours laying on the sand, in the nude, without swimsuits. They usually speak for hours in english about many different matters, about the usual issues they are interested in. They spontaneously share knowledges, exchange cultural characteristics, laugh, enjoy... These moments show us how people are equal wherever we are, whatever our cultural environment is. Everybody tries to survive, fit, be accepted , accept the others, share, know, expand cultural horizons. I realize that despite the violent pulses in the human hearts, and despite the social strengths... deep in the heart of human being, kindness exists, and in the natural environments, all of a sudden, it appears. Kindness is a reality that stands inside all the human hearts when we are born and when we grow; however, as time goes by, prejudices, bias and ambition... stifle it.
There is one difference between the teenagers of free-clothes areas and teenagers of traditional and conservative campings; this difference is the obsession with the body, and specially the obsession with the hidden parts of the body that many teenagers of traditional areas feel when they meet young ones. However, the teenagers of nude areas assume the body with calm, they don't feel the necessity of watching the parts of the body that in the daily life of the society, people hide. When the young ones are used to coexist in the nude, I realise that the relationship between boys and girls in the daily society is more egalitarian, they are free from the inner strength of discovering the hidden shapes of the bodies they wish; and I'm talking not only about their life in the nude areas but also about their posterior life in their usual towns. Sometimes, the romantic love appears (the tipical summer love), and even though they live in the nude, they don't mainly fix on the topic hidden body areas, but in the color of the eyes, the beauty of a smile, the deepness of a glance, the voice, the way of being, the sweetness of a face... I talked away a long time to some of them about this matter, and instead of being fixed on the parts of the body that are usually hidden, they feel them assumed as any other part of the body. There's no obsession, there's only normality.
And they speak so long in english that they feel as if they had been in an english summer camp. At the end of the summer, they exchange their instagrams, their whattsapp, and henceforth they keep talking in the distance during the school year, despite the fact they are thousands miles far away.
The following summer, they meet again; they are older, but they do the same than the precedent summer: blue paradise of golden sea, coppery or brown free skins in the nature, cheerfulness shouting, smiles, beach parties, volleyball, dancing on the sand during the full moon nights, respectful community spirit, parties without strange substances nor stunning drinks, welcoming attitude towards newly arrived, farewell towards those who depart, interest in the culture of the country, beauty, freedom, sanity... and the skills, traits and normality of their awkward age.
Sometimes, in the beach, some strange men appear as if they were ghosts; they are the classic «voyeurs», who arrive to the beach rigid and expressionless. They walk outlandish and extravagant, everybody notices their aims. They are usually harmless, but they make themselves ridiculous. They are victims of their poor education; they are collateral damages produced by the puritanical society that condemns and hides the nude body instead of assuming its natural value. Fortunately, they are sporadic, an anecdotal minority.
At times, some integrist ideologist turns up with his inflexible rules about nudenees in FKK areas.The other day, I saw one of them He wore a cowboy hat, and he was upset because some teenagers had put their swimsuits on to play volleyball. He thought that those young ones had broken the enforced nudity of the naturist areas. «That's not right here!» he said, and I realised that everywhere the integrist people work in the same way. The integrist people assume nudeness as an enforced uniform instead of embracing freedom as the sign of any kind person. We have been evolving from a hard repression that banned the beautiful picture of the nude human body towards a freedom that we love and embrace. That old repression sentenced many generations to live in the dark of the traditional morality. According the integrist people, it seems that we have to accept the imposition of the nudeness, as if it was the victory over the old prohibition. The victory is not the imposition but the freedom; the freedom to choose, the freedom of speech, the freedom of deciding our own image. In a free society, nudeness will be chosen the most of the times, we don't need impositions. The aim that can't survive without impositions doesn't deserve to exist. The teenagers wear in their souls the spirit of the freedom; they don't fear nudeness and they don't fear freedom to choose in every moment.

In the society, the members of some families, or some groups of friends, don't think always the same about being naked at the beach; some of them like being nake, other ones prefer wearing a swimsuit. According some integrist people they should be separated and segregated even in the natural public areas, as if they belonged to different worlds. Will a group of teenagers destroy the naturist movement just because they prefer wearing swimsuit when they play volleyball?
The integrist people of any ideology (political, religious, social...) prefer the quantitative growth of their group to the growth of the freedom's level in the society. They dream about uniforms and homogeneous groups, without shades, hues or tints. They are intolerants for fear that everybody freely choose their aesthetics, ideas, believes, strategies... They are afraid for the extinction of the orthodoxy of their group. They need the orthodoxy to feel safe, because they feel that freedom it's not good enough to get their safety. Even though sometimes they think themselves pacifist, they are an army; even though they say they fight to get freedom, they are intolerant; and even though sometimes they say thet are naked, they wear uniform. Fortunately, all the aims that want to be fair and healthy breathe freedom, and integrist people are a minority. Diversity is the favourite trait of the human being, because it stems from his or her freedom, and because it also produces a new and posterior freedom. Diversity comes from freedom and produces freedom, yet the strongest chains are not the chains of integrist people but the chains forged by the tradition, the morality, the old religions, the poor education... One day people will be free at least.
Nudeness is the most beautiful dress; the natural dress of the human body. The view of the human body (of the human bodies in a natural landscape) gets to improve the human mind and its growing. The natural views, the views that all we have saved inside our brain, make us feel that we are at home, we are in our homeland, in our landscape, in our healthy environment. The natural views adapt us to our adult life, to our necessities and our maturity. On the contrary, the prohibition of that views, cuts the developing of our mind, and produces tense and repressed people, even though they don't know they are repressed, tense or nervous. What do we prefer? A teenager that has been knowing and assuming the human body as a natural and good reality in a familiar environment during his or her growing from the born to the adult life? Or a teenager with a part of the body of his or her own species banned and condemned, and continuously tied to the eroticism, as if his or her own body was a fetish? This prohibition developes a dark attraction. Forbid someone something and he or she will be for ever tied to the banned thing. The prohibition of a thing is like pointing out that thing to someone, and if that thing is a human and natural thing, the prohibition turns that thing into a dark mistery when in fact that thing is just a natural reality.
The attraction that society feels towards the banned body is exploited by some unhealthy industries and by the marketing, so... it is also a tool of manipulation and a dark shadow that works against the equality between men and women.

Maybe it's because of all this realities, that human kind (slowly but surely) is releasing from the group's morality. As years go by, nudeness is accepted as a non sexual reality; at least, no more sexual than any other reality of the life. The best ideology is the freedom; the freedom to decide our own image, and to live as everybody feels. The will of liberty will never vanish. The wish of liberty will be always beside any fair and victorious fight.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Amazing Grace! Thanks!

I've been living a strong days of working and managing... and maybe it's because I've been so busy that I've spent many time without blogging. Henceforth I'll try to publish more often. By now, I post this song I sang last week in a garden of a lovey village of Catalonia.


Monday, June 20, 2016

"At home", a short film shown in "El Rotllo d'en Roig"; a Short Film's Festival from Vilanova i la Geltrú

Today is the International day of the Refugees. I post here this short film that we did last week, and that was shown in "El Rotllo d'en Roig", a Short Film's Festival from Vilanova i la Geltrú.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

To Krystyna Trzesniewska

Majdan Królewski 

The green of your land is alive as your name is alive in my heart. Because your life was so sacred that suddenly I worship it right now.
Every human being is a God who ignores his own divinity. The true God turns into every mistreated human being.
Whenever my life gets me so down, and my way is destroyed by causes that I can't control; I'll think of you, and your dignity, and your hope. I'll feel you near, I'll declare that you are worth and adorable. And I'll strongly advance towards the country of the freedom. And I'll pay tribute to your life with my courage and my struggle.
The forgotten children of the death and injustice will remain in our minds for ever as stars; milions of persons like you, young and bright. 
Live your life through mine, I'll share it with you.
And we will fight for freedom and happiness.
Fascism will be defeated for ever.

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

 Majdan Królewski 

Majdan Królewski 

Monday, May 2, 2016

The imperfection is the identity of the beings, and (after all) their beauty

The natural colors of the city. The line and the light. The details. The dirt poetry, with its core drenched in humanity. The alive niff of the colors. That which is alive spreads a natural niff that in any sense is deeply beautiful, and we can't trap this beauty. This beauty is invisible when the aseptic minds watch it.
The light, the orderliness and the chaos. The beauty of the alive imperfection. If we look at all the dead things of the world, it turns out that only the lovely imperfect things are alive. The imperfection is the identity of the beings, and (after all) their beauty. The chaos is the main performer of the beauty every time it destroys the dead perfection of the utilitarianist obsession of the Homo sapiens. The chaos save us from the ugliness of the status quo, and it beautifies the humdrum perfection of the orderliness, the humdrum perfection of that which is only valued for its utility.

We need shadows, cracks, moistures, dirtiness, astringency... and an entropy that be constantly creating an inimitable freedom. We need minds that open as the flowers do when the sun lights them up, and be able to see the beauty of the imperfection; the imperfection as a motor of the creation and the beauty; mistery of the instant; natural and astonishing drive that compels us towards the random. Once the random created us as a surprise, as an imbalance of the placid nothingness; and then, the chaos and the beauty appeared.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

They are my children too

  image cc-by-2.0 by Irish Forces in wikipedia

My friend is dying in Siria,
he didn't choose to be born there.
My little son is in the water
trying to swim and survive.
My daughter is crying in a ruined town.
she is terrified because of the bombs.
She has seen a baby dying drenched in blood
and nobody knows it

It turns out that I was born in a Human and European society.
A wall was shot down,
a new world started,
but now, somebody is thinking about arising
a new battlement,
as if beyond our lovely Europe
there were no human beings.

The capitals are free,
and free is the richness,
and free is the protocol,
and the damned neckties of the distinguished gentlemen
who have built the Europe of the financial powers.

I don't want money, nor richness, nor comfort, nor posessions...
I beg the life and the happiness of my children
who are dying in the mediterranean,
in the borders, in the war.

Because they are my children too,
and if they are not alive,
if they have no their life,
I'm not alive, we are not alive.
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