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My musical trip to IRELAND. Meeting Mickey McConnel and Gavin family.

On August 22, we met the Family Gavin, and their Gypsy Wagon TV. They had invited me to sing and to be recorded in their wagon, and I had the luck of knowing their natural paradise in the middle of Fintown's Nature; a green paradise of trees and grass, lakes, rivers... They were very kind with us and we spent a happy and nice afternoon of music and friendship. You can see their awesome channel of folk and music.
The other great experience of this summer was meeting Mickey McConnell. First of all, I met the song. “Only our rivers run free”. I listened to it some years ago, through YouTube, sung by a young man in a pub of England; this man seemed a worker or a syndicalist, and he sang for freedom. I felt upset with that song, it made me cry and I didn’t know why. May be It happened because its meaning was applicable to the situation of my country, Catalonia. As I told you, It happened some years ago. From that moment on, I sear…
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Singing in GypsyWagonTV

Singing in GypsyWagonTV, on August, 22, 2018. In Fintown (Donegal, Ireland).

Children in cages

Children in cages, and tyrants in the White House. Smoke in suburbs. Maroon velvet rugs under the feet of an artificial fool. Children in cages and human beasts in the White House. Those who have a sick soul inhabit the palaces of the republic. The fighters languish in the suburbs. Where have the America of California gone? You no longer wear flowers in your hair. You were afraid of the freedom of your soul and you decided to imitate  the decadent and unfair tawdriness of the Sun King  and all the pathetic kings in the world that are considered superior people. Where have all the flowers gone? They ripped them out of the earth  and kept in the wicker basket  of an old grandmother who had lost her head. They now stink, and they will not be longer flowers. Where is the harmonics of Key West? Where does the girl with eyes of heaven live? The girl who swam in the nude under the bridge of San Francisco? She abhorred freedom because of a bad hangover, and because of the silver mirrors  with which they bought t…

The finest hour

All the human nations are called to be free; the empires always fall down. The power of the people is ilimited. And even though the laws, the legal violence, the injustice of the power... get some victories, at the end, truth arises, and the people get freedom
We will be peaceful in the beaches, we will be peaceful in the streets and the hills. We will be peaceful in the sea and even alone. We will never surrender. As long as just one free man keeps stand and helds his will of being free, we will never surrender.
The mock and the despise that Spanish rulers do against the will of the most people in Catalonia; the use of the legal violence to avoid the implementation of the government that people want... It should make Spanish rulers aware of their resounding democratic failure.

Order is not enough

Order is not enough.  If the order appears because of the repression...  If there's no freedom, what will the life be like?  Safety, order, uniformity, silence, urban harmony, richness, dominion... What are those goals for... if we are not free to dream, fly,  change the life, overcome all that is established, run away from routine, seek a newer world?  What would our prestige be for if we were'n able to sit on a beach and sing a song to the sunset in a warm summer night? What is our elegant suit for if it denies us the pleasure of feeling the wind, the sand, the sun, the water... in our whole skin?  What is our life for if we don't experience surprise?  It doesn't do any good to grab gold chains if they are heavy and ungrateful.  We are born to be free.

Four fathers that can't kiss their children this Christmas

Black is the color of my true love's hair... and this is a nice black a bright black... But there another black realities that are not so nice... In fact, these other black realities are sad, unfair, cruel... There are four fathers that can't kiss their children this Christmas. They deed only peaceful and political deeds. Of course they did deeds, but political deeds; declarations, voting, expressing, always by peaceful ways... But in Europe, some states use still non democratic ways. So... I dedicate this song to this four fathers jailed. May be one they they will be called Homeland's fathers as Jefferson or Washington. God bless them, and God bless the democracy, the peace and the will of the people.

Oh Freedom!

Hi! This is a post-Civil War African-American freedom song. I want to sing this song right here and right now because I want to express that nothing is goig to steal my freedom and the freedom of the people I love. The world around us is full of chains. Some people say that they don't listen to the chains, but if we really have chains, the chains only ring when we try to go ahead. People that are immobile will never listen to the chains. We live in a world full of prohibitions, a world that tries to make the people work with laws and threats as if we were slaves or cattle. The very educational system tries to make their schools work with rules, laws, punishments, brawls... We need to free us from all this slavery. We need to sing, and dance, and smile... And besides, throughout these days, there are some peaceful compatriots jailed right now because of political facts. They haven't been even judged, and they are great men and women, smart, helpful, kind... But they are in j…