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Oh Freedom!

Hi! This is a post-Civil War African-American freedom song. I want to sing this song right here and right now because I want to express that nothing is goig to steal my freedom and the freedom of the people I love. The world around us is full of chains. Some people say that they don't listen to the chains, but if we really have chains, the chains only ring when we try to go ahead. People that are immobile will never listen to the chains. We live in a world full of prohibitions, a world that tries to make the people work with laws and threats as if we were slaves or cattle. The very educational system tries to make their schools work with rules, laws, punishments, brawls... We need to free us from all this slavery. We need to sing, and dance, and smile... And besides, throughout these days, there are some peaceful compatriots jailed right now because of political facts. They haven't been even judged, and they are great men and women, smart, helpful, kind... But they are in j…
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There is only one authentic union, that is when the one who is united can decide at any time not to be.

Any democratic state should consider through its constitution the possibility that any of its territories could be independent if a large enough majority of the population of that territory required it. To preserve the union, any democratic state should treat each of its territories in a fair and respectful way (with regard to the rights of people and the peoples), in order to convince them to keep the union. Repressive or tyranny laws don't make sense to impose the union, and violence doesn't make sense either. There is only one authentic union, that is when the one who is united can decide at any time not to be.
One day, all the legislations of the world, will accept these postulates as inalienable and as a heritage of the rights of all people. Just as it has come to accept that slavery is unacceptable and that all people must be equal in rights and opportunities. In fact, we hold these truths to be self evident. 

Horror and Hope in Catalonia on October 1 (by Mathew Tree)

The next issue was written by Mathew Tree in his facebook.       He gently allowed me to publish it here.

On the evening of the September 30th, I went on a stroll to my nearest polling station, the Fort Pienc primary school at the far eastern end of Barcelona's Eixample district; the same school which my children had attended from the ages of three to twelve. So I knew quite a lot of the people there, who were putting up signs on the walls supporting democracy and the right to vote and were going to spend the night there, organising activities that were non-referendum-related, as they knew they would get visits from the Catalan police, who had instructions to close any premises in which 'referendum-realted activity' was taking place.  The police had been twice, had been exquisitely polite, took note of the number of people staying overnight and left. The atmosphere inside was bristling with excitement, of a kind I'd seen before (on the major Catalan demonstrations of 201…

The loud sound of the silence of the people who can't vote!

The freedom of the people is an internal matter of Europe. History is full of wars of independence. Catalonia hates the wars. We want to decided by voting. Which future is more stable? The imposed future or the chosen one? The forced or the voted one? Human Rights are more important than economy. What did the European politicians dream about when they decided be politicians? We live for the hope. How will we able to love EU if we can't decide our future as a nation? Are we really Europe? Catalonia is a peaceful people. We can't stand violence. If anyone says that we complain with violence, he is lying.
Ten thousand policemen have just arrived in Catalonia to avoid voting... but... What a loud sound makes the silence of the people who can't vote!


Peace! For my poor little homeland, invaded by an army of policemen that want to avoid us to vote. Peace! For all the nations in the world. Freedom to choose the future, to decide our policies, our cultural life, our education, our hope. Peace! To decide without violence all that the most of the people decide, by the voting of the people! Peace! To abolish the laws that injure human rights, the undemocratic laws that forbid the voting exercise, the inhumane laws that imprison those who work to let people vote. Peace! Love, and fraternity for everybody. The sun will arise again, don't know when, don't know where; but I'm sure the sun will arise, and people will wotk to bring back peace to us.

I love Barcelona!

There may be a place where people are free; free of mind, free of soul, free in their lives. Sometimes I think I've already found this place. It happens to me when I meet nice people, people who accept my way of thinking, my way of life, my habits, my values... I'm not saying that those people must think the same as me... I'm just saying that those people must let me think in the way I think even though they think and live in a different way. Sometimes I think I've already found that place when I'm naked, in the nature, singing or swimming under the sun, in the most pretty landscape I've ever saw. Sometimes I think I've found that place when I meet people who don't fear their own bodies, their own image... people who don't see only sex where there are only beauty, freedom, humanity, souls, minds, hearts, thoughts, friends... Our body is not a sex tool, is the temple of our consciousness, of our mind, of our empathy, of our high human values... There ma…

Live or die, don’t survive. Laugh or breath, don’t yawn.

I’ll get you yet! Pain and Death! You got my beloved friends and killed them. They got it bad, as many others too. That’s what gets me! Nobody chose to be born, however... by being born, many people embrace the chains of the pain and the sadness. Hey, pain and death! Can I get you a drink? Maybe if I get you drunk, you’ll be quiet and still. Your absence gets me; your presence gets me in the throat. Do you get it? Sometime, people live as though they were guilty of their pain. It gets me down. Maybe It gets me down because I’m alone. Nobody likes singing in the sunset, or having a bath in the nude in a lonely and dark lake. I usually live alone. I live beside a lot of people, but alone. Maybe like a child in a room full of old people. I would like getting people to be free, a little bit richer than the most rich men. I would like getting people to sing freely, dance, dream and create... Lonelyness gets me down when this loneliness comes by being in love with such a lot of passions. But I will …